Ikonikos Image Manager

Megabyte - I started this solely as part of my calendar project, but then I noticed it could be useful. During the course of events, instead of just being incorporated into my program, it bore fruit and became an standalone program.

(Important: as of 01/27/2009, I'm moving to Google code. This page will stay here and it will not be maintained. However, the download links will stay active as long as possible. My new site is at: [L1 ]).

What is Ikonikos, after all?

It is an image manager that, instead of working with files and directories, works with tags. You can assign your files tags, and search through them. Files are appended into a database, but can be copied back to disk anytime.


  • Uses labels - no need of directories anymore. Just use Ikonikos' powerful search filter.
  • Slideshow - Ikonikos can slideshow your images using the filter, through manual specification, or all of them.
  • Two-clicks backup - with two clicks, you can backup all the images of your database.
  • Carry everything with you, anywhere! - If you have the starkits, just carry Ikonikos' folder with you.
  • Portable - Ikonikos has both Linux and windows support.
  • Zero configuration - no need to read any configuration files. Just use it and enjoy it!
  • Uses sqlite3 - an easy to use, yet extremely powerful, database. All its reading and copying operations are atomic, so there's little possibility of corruption between them.

I'm interested. Where can I get this program?

  • Windows starpack - [L2 ].
  • Linux starpack - [L3 ].
  • Source - [L4 ].

Note: I recommend ActiveTcl 8.5 and an updated repository if you want to use Ikonikos' source.

I want (this feature). Can you add it?

  • Maybe, but not in the stable branch. The stable branch is for bugfixes only.

Bug reporting

Feel free to mail me about any bugs. My email is: [email protected].



New Ikonikos starpacks available! These ones add support to ico handling.


Wiki fixes - changed links to point directly to Ikonikos download.