Jaf: short for Jaafar Mejri.

I restarted programming in Tcl/Tk about 2003 (I had stopped around 1995).

It is truly amazing how the language evolved.

Contributed code:

A calendar Widget: I'm still gnawing at the idea of, someway, transferring my M$-Outlook free/busy information to one of these running on a Linux machine.

Erasure Tolerant Codes: Great fun to code, actually works, somewhat slow.

Fetch your calendar entries from Outlook Tcom examples for Microsoft Outlook

Playing with:

With free data storage space available, use Erasure Tolerant Codes to (more or less) securely save documents. I'm using the tcl-fuse code along with an SQLite database to toy with the idea. getattr works so far. readdir will be my next "victim". I came to realize that implementing a filesystem is quite intricate (but fun), and that using tcl is the easiest way to let your filesystem interact with you (ask where to store a chunk of a file for example, even with a gui!)