Jan 22 Tcl Meetup notes

Status of 8.7

  • Can we get it out the door?
  • What is holding it up?
    • Review 8.7 draft TIPs for "must haves"
  • At what point do we start back porting features to 8.6 - particular msgcat

New text widget

  • status ?
  • Brian G look at it before next meeting

Tk 9.0

  • Do we need it for breaking changes?
  • Remove the cruft (8 bit / 16 bit limits)
  • List of changes needed?

Tcl 9.0

  • strong support for getting 9.0 out the door from Rolf
    • 2Gb string limit
    • full unicode support


New people introduced:

  • Alwyn Teh
  • Matthew Lai
  • Mark Case


  • Alwyn asked about mixing threads and coroutines, resulted in lots of discussion about people using both

Next meeting time:

  • The meeting time was seen as helpful for European and America time zone.
  • It was considered, that the next meeting may be at a time appropriate for Asian/Australien citizens


Thanks to Steve Landers for leading the monthly TCL calls.