Monthly Virtual Meetup

The monthly Tcl Virtual Meetup is held the second Tuesday of each month, the time varies from month-to-month to accomodate various timezones.

The May Tcl meetup was scheduled be held Tues 9th May 2023 1800 UTC but there were technical issues with Jitsi. These have been resolved so it is proposed that the meeting is rescheduled to the same time on Tues 16th May 2023 1800 UTC [clock format 1684260000]. If I've got the timezones and daylight savings changes right this is Tuesday 11am US West, 1pm US Central, 2pm US Eastern, 7pm UK, 8pm Western Europe, 11:30pm India, Wednesday 2am Australia West / Singapore / China, 3am Japan, 4am Australia east, 6am New Zealand.

See the May 2023 Tcl Meetup notes for possible topics.

The meeting is held using the Open Source Jitsi video conferencing facility via this link

We have moved to a fixed, rotating schedule with the focus on a different region each month:

  • January Americas
  • February Europe
  • March Asia/Pacific
  • April Americas
  • May Europe
  • June Asia/Pacific
  • July Americas
  • August Europe
  • September Asia/Pacific
  • October Americas
  • November Europe
  • December Asia/Pacific

The scheduled times (before adjusting for daylight saving time) are:

UTC0200 + 1 day19001000
UK0200 + 1 day19001000
Western Europe0300 + 1 day20001100
India0730 + 1 day0030 + 1 day1530
Western Australia1000 + 1 day0300 + 1 day1800
Eastern Australia1400 + 1 day0500 + 1 day2000
New Zealand1400 + 1 day0700 + 1 day2200
Western US180011000200
Central US200013000400
Eastern US210014000500

with adjustment for daylight saving time (i.e. the 2000 stays but other zones are adjusted if they are not on DST).

Notes from previous meetings: