Jean Muller

This is the Tcl home page of Jean Muller also known as Jeannot.

Background :

I am computational biologist working with Tcl and Tk since 2002. It means that my day work is writing Tcl scripts to understand life... not too bad. So I am not a hardcore Tcler but I am doing as much as I can a smart use of this wonderful tool. Recently, I have decided to further get involved in Tcl. I ended up by co-organizing the 7th European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting Conference, which took place in Strasbourg the 6th and 7th June 2008.

For some details of my scientific background you can have a look there [L1 ].

Developments :

  • CADOMI, which stands for Computer Assisted Design of Oligonucleotide 4 MIcroarray is a program for automatic design of oligonucleotides, fully customizable and accessible through a graphical user interface. For an input set of sequences, it allows parameter optimization and can combine multiple designs in distinct sequence databases. CADOMI is entirely implemented in Tcl and the GUI in Tk. It can be dowloaded here [L2 ]
  • ARPAnno, the acronym for Actin Related Proteins Annotation server, is a web tool that automatically annotates protein sequences according to the ARP classification. Positioning the query protein in its aligned functional ARP family represents a key step to obtain highly reliable prediction. The core of the server is based on Tcl scripts and the server is running here [L3 ].


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