7th European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting Conference


The 7th European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting took place June 6/7, 2008 (Fri/Sat) at the IGBMC (Institut de Genetique et Biologie Moleculaire et Cellulaire), Strasbourg France.

The presentations of this meeting are available at the EuroTcl site .

Luc Moulinier is the local organizer, Jean Muller, David Zolli, Michel Salvagnac and Gerard Sookahet prepared the conference. Gerard also made the web site.

For feedback/suggestions or answers to any questions, please mail me at [L1 ].

Paul Obermeier 2008/06/08 Thanks to the above mentioned organizers for the excellent preparation and organization of the conference. I enjoyed the two days very much.

RS 2008-06-09: I have to agree fully. Here are my notes:

  • Thursday evening: rain in the city, nice hotel Couvent des Franciscains (12 Tclers stay there!), first meeting at l' Ancienne Douane - we start half an hour late, but have good fun, food & beverages.
  • Friday: Tclers' breakfast in the hotel, then (very modern) tram to Illkirch. The institute is a fantastic building, all glass front, out in the greens. Registration: about 30 participants. OLPC is demonstrated, including the Tcl/Tk port on it. At the start of my presentation on "Tcl on the phone", I managed to bluescreen the Vista PC by USB-plugging the phone, but after reboot, it went well - the 7 cm (diagonal) display was projected on 5 m display! Great lunch at Foyer des Pecheur, leads to delayed conference schedule and some listeners (me included) concentrating on digestion as well as the presentations. In the evening: conference dinner at La Bourse: simple but plentiful, flammee in various flavors (Chevre was best!), Picon & wine.
  • Saturday: more of the tight schedule. Jan Nijtmans reports on the history of Img, jcw on "rigs" for standardized interface to small modules (without version control). Lunch in the institute, delicious shrimp salad & noodles from square plastic plates. Many discussions - Germans were the biggest group, French came second, then Dutch, British, Greek. Chances that IGBMC may host next year's conference too.. enthusiastic reactions. Maybe a half day longer, with tutorial and industry presentations, to find more interest with local students?

schlenk 2008-06-09: I fully agree with Richard and Paul, excellent organization, very pretty city and interesting talks.

Martyn Smith I know this is very late but I finally had a little spare time this weekend, I have put online an annotated photo of (almost all) of the participants ! Just go to this page and choose the best way to view it [L2 ].

lm Bravo Martyn ! And Thanks ! Your little app should be posted somewhere !