The integrated development environment for the KDE desktop.

  • Understands tcl/tk code syntax highlighting.
  • Source code folding.
  • External tools to invoke tclsh on the current file.
  • Can search unix man pages for highlighted words in editor (nice)
  • ActiveState Windows CHM documentation can be included. (nicer)

Setting up the mime type for tclsh

  • Settings -> Configure Editor -> Filetypes -> New
    • Name: Tcl
    • Section: Scripts
    • Mime types: Click the wand to open the dialog
      • Locate text/x-tcl, check the checkbox and press "Edit" button
      • Add "tclsh" to the Application Preference Order by pressing the "Add" button and type "tclsh" in the entry
  • Press the Configure dialog "OK" button

Now you can run a script by right-click on the respective tab and select Open With -> tclsh and the contents of the document will be sent off to tclsh. If you want to use wish, then add a "package require Tk" to the top of the file.

Probably other features that are to be discovered.