Ok so now I have a page. If I wanted to delete it is it just a matter of editing the place it was created and it will go away? Likely not

LV There really isn't a method of deleting pages on the wiki. However, one can empty the page of content, and, if no links exist to the page, they are available for harvesting should the need arise to eliminate a lot of the noise pages.

AMG: To effectively delete a page, replace the contents of the page with a single space, and remove all links to the page.

I don't remember reading about a way to shortcut a link to this page.

Something new. Once the new page has content, putting the name in [] gives you a link.

This is much cooler than notes.

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LV Note that any text placed within a single pair of the [ and ] characters results in a page being reserved in the wiki data file. The text within the characters is considered the title of the page. The page need not yet exist ; a link will be displayed to a content text area where one can write the simple markup language the site supports.