Once upon a time, Randy Kunkee maintained ldapTcl through the OpenLDAP [L1 ] project, in its contrib/ subdirectory [L2 ]. As of 2003, it's no longer there.

schlenk Is this package maintained? I saw a note in the OpenLDAP CVS that it isn't, last commit from about 14 month ago.

ak: Is that a client, or server ? Tcllib has a ldap client packagen (CVS Head).

snichols: I've posted the C++ source code, documentation, and Netscape v4 (Mozilla) dependency DLLs for yet another Tcl extension at http://sourceforge.net/projects/tclldap . This version runs under Windows platforms and supports non-SSL and SSL directory reads. If anyone is interested in doing directory updates, inserts, and deletes with this extension let me know and I'll add the Tcl interfaces. Comments are welcome. FYI .. the Netscape Dlls are used for linking and running and they are hard to find on the Internet precompiled.

Some google hits on ldaptcl include: