Michael Schlenker


m i c 4 2 at u s e r s dot s o u r c e f o r g e dot n e t
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s c h l e n k _NOSPAM_ at u n i - o l d e n b u r g dot d e
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Tcl Contributions

A small package to parse SOIF Objects.
Name generator toy
A small semi random name generator.
Introspection on aliases
A proc to do info args on aliases.
A Tk GUI for multiple XSLT processors
A little demo how to do xslt transformations with Tcl
Starting tclhttpd in a slave interpreter
A start for getting tclhttpd to run in a safe slave interpreter sometime.
Useful scripts for Sophos AV
Some scripts i found useful for managing AV updates on a site i was admin at.
X.509v3 Certificate Viewer Example
A little tool to look at SSL Certificates.
Resizing fonts on window resize
A little demo
Indexing and Searching the Wikit with Xapian
A Tcl interface to Martin Porters stemmers from the snowball project.
A package for doing full text indices in pure tcl (slow and memory hungry, but works). No docs available yet.
A C-coded interface compatible drop in replacement for the struct::graph package in Tcllib. It's faster, but memory consumption is nearly equal to the tcllib version at the moment.
The tcllib implementation of a simple priority queue.
I'm co-maintainer for the logger package in tcllib.
asn and ldap
I more or less took over maintaining the ldap and asn packages in tcllib.
TIP 127
Enhance lsearch.


I have written a short introductory text about the Tcllib in german, it can be found here [L1 ].

I sometimes look around and answer questions on the german Tcl/Tk forum Self-Tcl.de: http://www.self-tcl.de/forum/