NeoSoft was once (back in 1989-2000 something) an Internet Service Provider. It also was the home of NeoWebScript, an implementation of web-server parsed Tcl. Further, it hosted TclX and the so-called "Tcl/TK Contributed Sources Archive – the official archive site for Tool Command Language, a cross-platform programming language that is powerful and freely distributable".

This Tcl/Tk source archive is no longer easily available but many packages can still be retrieved using the Internet Archive . Here is a snapshot of the sorted Tcl directory from April 2003 .

Older and mostly outdated information below ...

News flash: appears to be scheduled for liquidation around September 2002. It is very likely, though, that the NeoSoft Tcl archive will re-appear in a new and better form around the first week of September 2002.

This means that the following information is here for historical purposes.

Zarutian 02:15 6. desember 2007 (UTC): When visting I only get "site is working" message.

[formerly the official site of Tcl community FTP archive, and more recently one of the places tcl community software could be found via http]

9 September 2002: the Tcl community FTP archive reappears [L1 ].

LV On Jan 25, 2012, was not accessible by me. I don't know, at this point in time, whether it is a problem on my side of the link or on procplace's side.

AMG: is apparently a "parked domain" [L2 ].

[Originally Co-founded by Karl Lehenbauer, who then sold it and moved on to Procplace .]

[Web-hosting [L3 ] with Tcl support [?].]

TCL support found at [L4 ]. Most of the packages on it are stale; most of the URLs pointing to it are incorrect now. Some packages on Neosoft seem to be disappearing.

The ftp archives are now available at ! Many thanks to Karl.

Marty Backe - An announcement on comp.lang.tcl.announce (09 Sep 2002) states that Neosoft is no longer supporting the archives. They have been moved to:

See [L5 ] for the announcement:

 From: Karl Lehenbauer ([email protected])
 Subject: NeoSoft contributed sources archive now available at
 This is the only article in this thread
 View: Original Format
 Newsgroups: comp.lang.tcl.announce
 Date: 2002-09-09 15:54:18 PST

 Internet America purchased NeoSoft in 1999 and has continued to
 provide hosting for the contributed sources archive since then.  They
 are now completing the integration of NeoSoft into their company and
 are no longer going to host the archive.  We thank them for their

 Consequently the contributed sources archive is now available at

 We have significant machine and bandwidth capabilities, but not a lot
 of time.  If anyone is willing to take on reviving the package
 management code (all in Tcl, of course) that allows people to create
 ftp spaces for their software, please email me at
 mailto:[email protected]

Safe Tcl Interpreter (NeoSoft)

AMG: A seemingly unrelated company called NeoSoft Corp takes up residence at . Their main products are NeoBook Rapid Application Builder [L6 ] and NeoPaint Digital Artist's Studio [L7 ]. I don't see any mention of Tcl on their site.