NeoWebScript is an implementation of web-server parsed Tcl. More information at .

It was written by Neosoft employees. Now that Neosoft is gone, anyone know the status of this web server?

I don't know where the latest NeoWebServer code is at - perhaps at ? However, a common on comp.lang.tcl claims that Rivet is the next generation module, will have a compatibility mode with NeoWebServer, and is where the development attention is going.

NeoWebScript still exists in some form, but it is no longer actively developed. Once Rivet has the capability to support safe interpreters for an untrusted userbase, NeoWebScript will cease all development. Copies of NeoWebScript can still be obtained from its SourceForge project for those who want it for legacy reasons.

I would highly recommend switching to Rivet if you're looking for a supported development platform.

Damon Courtney

Neowebscript web hosting is available at

Neowebscript-i runs on Windows Server / IIS and is available at

The Tcl software catalog at says this about neowebscript:

What: NeoTcl
Description: An integrated package of Tcl, extensions and programs. Contains Tcl/Tk 8.0p2, tclX v8.0.3a1, Expect 5.25, DP 4.0b2, GD 1.2, and Neo v8.0.0 (which includes the BSD db.1.85 library), blt8.0-unoff, scotty-2.1.7. See for information about NeoSoft's commercial support. NeoTcl can be configured with a special option to build the packages needed for NeoWebScript. It will also build Oratcl if it is seen. The package now supports use of BSD's DB 2.x releases in compatibility mode, and University of Michigan's LDAP 3.3 release. NeoTcl has been tested on Sparc Solaris 2.5/Sun Pro C compiler, FreeBSD2.2.2/gcc2.7.2.1, and SGI IRIX 6.2/SGI compiler.
Updated: 10/1998
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (randy kunkee)

What: NeoWebScript
Description: A server-side scripting environment based on the Apache HTTP server and Safe-Tcl. NeoWebScript is a module that adds in-HTML-file programability to the Apache HTTP server. It also supports ApacheSSL.
With NeoWebScript you have access to per-uid dpopen database files, random and sequential files, HTML page inclusion, logging, procedure libraries, random numbers, date and time functions, calculations of server hits per hour, counter systems for statistics, improved debugging, file cataloging and a new forms library.
The mini release is designed for a site which already has Tcl, tclX, db.1.85 and Apache already installed. Note that updates have been appearing quite regularly, so keep an eye on news:comp.lang.tcl for information on the latest version. This module is freely distributable except for commercial resale. V2.2 of NeoWebScript works with Apache v1.2.0. The webdemos WWW page have some demos for NeoWebScript written by mailto:[email protected] (Horace Vallas).
As of June 1999, NeoWebScript is now released as Open Source.
Updated: 06/2001
Contact: mailto:[email protected]
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