Notions -A Personal Wiki Built Using Tcl/Tk

Written by WJG

Larry Smith See also Notebook App.

SEH 20060604 -- Looks like it has the potential for being a very sophisticated and useful tool that I would certainly like to try, but it's still in a rough, unfinished state. Let's give the author some love and encouragement to polish this package up.

unperson Motivation is needed, yes. We can give him some motivation.

From the screenshot, I understand this is a sort of word processor - an editor as we call it nowadays-, that has a wiki capacity. This is certainly a very ambitious and very interesting project!

The best encouragement would be to answer all the technical questions the programmer would have. I'd give him all the technical help but alas! I haven't masterered TCL 101 yet! :-)

Since I am however, a sort of expert at general methods, methodology, time-keeping, office organization I could give one single piece of advice to the programmer: go slow. Just one item a week. Enjoy what you are doing: that is the most important thing!

Also, don't stay for hours in front of the computer; print code, bring it to the park, take some sun, take it to a MacDonald, a side-walk coffee etc. Enjoy your work and enjoy life while you are working!

But why is it called "wiki"? It does not have wiki-links, as far as I can tell.

LV Hard to say - I wasn't able to locate any source in the cvs. However, the brief description talks about hierarchies of notes, so I suspect there must be some sort of hyperlinking capability planned...

WJG (04/01/07) The key term was 'Personal Wikis'. If you're expecting a browser-accessed publically editable database, then no, notions doesn't do that. It evolved out of the idea of using a wiki in local mode to organise separate pieces of information; in this case through an heirarchical tree. As pointed out, the version available at Sourceforge doesn't yet allow cross-linking between pages. In fact, I haven't done much more to the application since posting it.

What makes a wiki a wiki are wiki-links. I would think this also holds for "personal" wikis. A wiki without wiki-links is ... well ... like apple pie without apples.

Larry Smith Well...[L1 ]

ALL What is the status of this software? I downloaded it and looks nice but does not seem to be doing much.

ALL (2007-03-11) Since this did not seem to do much I tried my hand at doing something simmilar. It can be found here: Noty.

WJG (2007-03-11) I haven't done much with it since I posted it to SourceForge. The thesaurus and spell-checker should work though I have been lazy not to add functionality to the formatting buttons. There are also bindings to input romanised Indic languages and Pinyin. Perhaps I'll have another go over the Easter holidays.