Noty is a small notes taking application. It allows for the taking of small notes with formatting that can be organised into a tree like structure and also uses internal hyper-links.

It can be found in SourceForge [L1 ]

Noty allows you to write your notes with some formatting for "eye-candy" and allows you to organise them in a "tree-like" structure.

It does have support to create hyperlinks between different notes.

Unfortunately it is not documented yet.

For TCL/TK developers, it contains a ""rtext"" mega-widget that encapsulates all the logic needed to edit text with formatting. Also a simple add-on to it - "ser.tcl" - allows it to serialise/de-serialise an rtext widget's contents.

Sample screenshots can be found here: [L2 ]

ALL -- 2007-03-11

SEH 20070311 - Congratulations on a nice looking program. I think the rtext widget is an excellent addition to the available set of Tk resources. I suggest that you combine the rtext widget and the formatting buttons into a word-processing mega-widget that can be dropped whole into other applications, similar to the wordpad widget you see in some Delphi et al. applications, and the WYSIWYG editors seen in some advanced web apps.

michael - 2007-03-13 - it's a .exe download. Where's the version for other platforms?

ALL The .tar.gz and .zip versions are the source scripts and these are cross platforms. They should work on all platforms.

ALL - 2007-03-13

Thanks for the feedback. I consciously decided to split the buttons from the rtext widget itself and opted for having two widgets, the "Toolbar" and "rtext". The intention is that they would "talk" to each other as needed, similar to the model used by the scrollable widgets and toolbars.

HE - 2007-03-14 A error raises if I do the following:

  • start noty
  • create a new node
  • click in the text window to edit the text of the node
  • double click on the 'new node' in the tree to create a link in the text window
  • mark the link in the text window
  • select a new style

Using the "Return" key caused noty to show an application error:

 can't read "cfg(style)": no such variable
 can't read "cfg(style)": no such variable
     while executing
 "regexp {^Hdr} $cfg(style)"
     (procedure "insertCB" line 4)
     invoked from within
 "insertCB 1.18 {
     ("after" script)

This bug also reported by male under version before 1.0.2.

ALL Bug should be fixed in v1.0.2

male - 2007-03-14:

One question: how can I link between leafs or nodes, or am I only able to link to webpages? ALL When editing a node, place your cursor where you want to place the link, then double click on the node that you want to link to on the navigation tree. Using the keyboard, Control-Shift-Tab, Shift-Tab, gives the navigation tree the focus, then select the node you want to link, then press enter.

Or ... what kind of protocols are supported? ALL The following protocols are supprted: (file|http|https|ftp)

And - as a suggestion ... what about activating an URL only if the user double clicks?

This is only a strong personal preference - something about taste.

ALL I myself prefer for it to be done at the first click. In Version 1.0.2a of Noty, this option can be configured. You need to modify your Noty.ini file with a text editor and add to the "Main" section the following:


Best regards,


JR - 2007-03-28:

I upgraded from tcl 8.4 to 8.5. Now all my nodes appear blank. The node files are still correct though. Has someone successfully used Noty with 8.5 ?

ALL Yes, I myself upgraded to 8.5 and found that the tree widget stopped working. I have not have the time to migrate Noty to v8.5. So for now, it is a 8.4 only tool.

JR - 2008-05-13: I changed the following lines in the file ser.tcl procedure thaw:

 $src alias end ${ns}::i_rem $w end
 $src hide end
 $src invokehidden end


 $src alias _end ${ns}::i_rem $w end
 $src hide _end
 $src invokehidden _end

Now it works with 8.5. Hope this helps.

Zippy 2015-01-29: While this isn't a particularly remarkable app, it does have a very cute name. For that reason alone, I've selected it as my personal note-taking app. Very few developers have the foresight to name their apps with an adjective describing their app's main (in this case, to contain notes). Well done, name-wise.