The Open Development and Integration Environment , or ODIE, is an object-oriented set of tools for developing applications.


Sean Deely Woods


ODIE is a toolbox for assembling private collections of Tcl and C code. It uses a path in the user's home directory to compiled Tcl and Tk from scratch, as well as a bevy of binary extensions. This allows for custom binary and DLL compiles without interfering with the operating system's installed Tcl/Tk. (Or more importantly, interference FROM the operating system's installed Tcl/Tk.) Included with ODIE is the Toadkit maker. Toadkit is a zip kit to distribute self contained binaries assembled from ODIE.

JMN I've been struggling to get modern tclkit (or similar) builds on platforms in recent years.. This looks promising. I'm not quite understanding what is supposed to be produced by the 'building a toadkit' instructions linked above. The final line in the instructions is:

tclsh ../odie/make.tcl local-env toadkit

This all seems to run to completion - but I don't see a 'toadkit' file anywhere or the mentioned pkg.* folders in the build folder so perhaps something went wrong (Trying on FreeBSD 13.1 at this point - will try another platform soon)

Is 'local-env' a literal? What does it mean/do?