Sean Deely Woods

Sean Deely Woods (aka Hypnotoad, sdw)

Tcler since 1996.

Site Chair for the 15th Annual Tcl Conference in Virginia (aka the 2008 Tcl Conference).

Right now I'm working ... well see Hypnotoads Todo List.

Hypnotoad? Well I got the name after my (in)famous Hypnotoad presentation at the Thirteenth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference.

Nerd Creds

  • I brought the serial port to the Macintosh in Tcl 8.0/8.1 with my Odie extension.
  • Developer for Tclhttpd
  • Wrote my own object system Tao
  • Ran a 300 (+/-) person network for the Franklin Institute Science Museum[L3 ] for about 10 years
  • Works for T&E Solutions designing military grade simulations using Tcl/Tk and C
  • Currently porting Canvas3d to 8.6

There is no secret Tcl Illuminati