Obtaining the TCL Plugin

The complete source code for the latest revision of the Tcl Plugin is available at Sourceforge: [L1 ] [L2 ]. There are no ready-to-use released files in the SF area, but the CVS [L3 ] contains working code.

Binaries can be obtained from the Tcl Developer Xchange, specifically https://www.tcl-lang.org/software/plugin/ .

JMN 2008-03

The 'internet explorer installation' paragraph at https://www.tcl-lang.org/software/plugin/download.html appears almost designed to drive off explorer users. (who is the target audience that is expected to know whether their browser is XPI-enabled?)

Why is it relatively so much easier to get a java applet or activex control running?

I just think installation & upgrade need to be really smooth for the main browsers or it'll hard to get developers to play around with it - let alone end users.

With the help of Brian Theado, JH has created xpi installers for several platforms. It is a zip file containing a few dll files and an install.js. See Tcl Browser Plugin Design for the install architecture. Firefox and Mozilla will execute the install.js file upon launching the xpi. Get the Tcl plugin XPI for your platform at https://www.tcl-lang.org/software/plugin/ .

JH: tclplugin.dll is a "tclkit as dll" (aka stardll) as described at [L4 ], loaded with the plugin runtime code and a few other libraries. You could extend it as needed for specialized plugin installations. As of v3.1, the plugin runtime library is separated to allow for the user to modify the configuration files.

escargo 13 Jun 2005 - I was able to install the plugin into my Firefox instance and run the applet demos. I'm most impressed.

Once you install the plugin, check Resources and Links and ActiveState's page [L5 ]. More examples are listed on Tclet demos.

Hey, is there any way to get listed on Mozilla's plugin download page? At the very least, making a plugin that will let people play Tetris ought to have some popularity. Making Tcl a well-known plugin for Firefox can only be a good thing, I would think.

MG July 9th 2005 - It looks like it's just a matter of whoever maintains the plugin setting up an account at https://addons.mozilla.org/developers/ and submitting it.


Keiichi Takahashi maintains free binaries and nice installers for Windows and Linux at: [L6 ].

LES: ... and this site says: "The requested URL /~bitwalk/src/tclplugin30_002.exe was not found on this server." There is a link to some "plugin-20030425" release, but what is there actually dates from 27/03/01.

SDG - I keep a copy of Keiichi's installer here: [L7 ] This is a couple of years old now, but still the best bet if you aren't handy with a C compiler.

tb 2009-06-26 - I have just tried to use the XPI installer (from https://www.tcl-lang.org/software/plugin/ ) on Linux for Firefox 3.0, but failed. The installer says, it could not find the installation script. Any Hints?

aaaaaaaaa - 2009-06-26 11:33:26

There was a recent discussion of this on the newsgroup. It seems that the Firefox 3 is using a new model to install plugins. The tcl plugin upgrade work is mostly complete. The maintainer (is it Jeff Hobbs?) has been busy with other things. Hopefully any remaining work will be completed soon.

tb Ah, I see. I also pulled the source from sourceforge's CVS. It compiled nicely and it also loads without crash or error, but it doesn't launch the apps from tcl.tk's example page at https://www.tcl-lang.org/software/plugin/applets.html . All I see is a short flickering within the browsers window.

zdia - 2009-06-28 18:00:41

At http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/windows-all.html#TCL I found the following hint:

 ''To install the TCL plugin for Mozilla Firefox or Opera, save the XPI package below as "tclplugin31-win32-ix86.zip" - including quotes - and   extract the contents (excluding install.js) to your browser plugins folder. ''

Well, I copied the file libnptcl3.1.so and the directory /nptcl into /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins and tested it with https://www.tcl-lang.org/software/plugin/applets.html

I got the cyan color and the test passed fine.

kogden - 2009-09-16

Does a recent version of this plugin exist that is functional under OSX 10.5 or 10.6?

I would love to see this plugin pick up some steam again. What I don't get is why users whined about the use of things that require plugins on my site yet these same people today swear by flash and everyone seems happy but somehow Java and TCL applets were evil. Flash and Silverlight are A-OK though! I don't get it.

tonytraductor - 2010-04-22

Okay...and, how about a tcl plugin for google-chrome? Is this a possiblity? (Yes, in fact, I did google it...) Can I use the moz XPI file for my platform (lin)? (Chrome detects moz plugins. No, I didn't try it.)

Pam - 2012-01-26


For an UBUNTU 10.04 and a FIREFOX 9.0.1 the plugin her : https://www.tcl-lang.org/software/plugin/ can not be install ...

Reason : package corrupted.

And for FIREFOX 3 and UBUNTU 10.04 too :) can not be install ... too :/

Reason : install script fail


asif - 2012-10-22 20:24:59

I did this after reading zdia's comments and it worked.

# On Ubuntu 10.04 Firefox 13.0
cd /tmp
wget -c ftp://ftp.tcl.tk/pub/tcl/plugin/tclplugin31-linux-glibc2.3-x86_64.xpi
cd /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins
sudo unzip /tmp/tclplugin31-linux-glibc2.3-x86_64.xpi
sudo rm install.js
# Restart Firefox and go to:

If javascript is enabled in Firefox, you will see the tcl plugin animation on the top of the webpage.


Kool - 2013-01-25 21:19:55

When trying to install the plugin from the newer firefox, you'll get a corrupt file and unable to install message. To get around this problem do the following:

For Windows user: save the correct XPI to disk, rename it to .zip, unzip it to a temp directory, then move all but the install.js into your browser's plugins directory. Restart browser and you should see the TCL plugin in the add-on tab.

For Win 7 user: link shows where to put the unzip files: http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/926603

I've try it and it works.

someone really need to update that install.js file.

guru - 2018-09-17 10:02:07

Where a browser reports the tcl plugin as being corrupt, your website advocates downloading the xpi, converting to .zip, removing install.js, save as .xpi, then add the plugin to the browser. However, when I click on the link, the .xpi does not download, but instead attempts to install. How do I modify the xpi as suggested, if the file does not download? Help!