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For this page to be useful I think we should separate the wheat from the chaff. I made a beginning with this and will continue to do so.

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Many jobs requiring Tcl and Tk experience can be found via a search at . Search Jobserve for jobs in the UK and Europe:

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 December 2019 I am looking for a TCL/TK programmer to complete my Editor coded in TCL-TK

Please leave your name here if you're interested.


 December 2019 Code working with Excel, Open Office or a database coded in TCL-TK

December 2019 Code working with Excel or Open Office

There are 4 columns in the spreadsheet: Sentences 1a, Sentences 1b, Sentences 2a, Sentences 2b When the user decides, he/she can click on a function Put parentheses around 1b or 2b. Also when he/she decides he/she can change the contents of 1b and 2b with stuff located in a separate file. It is simply replacing the contents of 1b and 2b in a quick way.

I am actually thinking of using a database manager programmed in TCL-TK but I wonder if it could hold half-a-million records!

If you're interested in coding this function in Excel, Open Office or TCL-TK, please leave your name and quotation here.


 October 2016: porting Tcl/Tk to ios

October 2016: porting Tcl/Tk to ios

I'm looking to fund a port of Tcl/Tk to ios (iphone/ipad). In previous years, Apple didn't allow scripted languages but this changed several years ago, and now the rule is that an ios program can't run untrusted code, however including tcl code in the app's package appears to be completely legit (and many ios games do this with lua as the scripting language).

Most of the Androwish port of Tk to Android uses the SDL, which is well supported on ios. Most of what Androwish adds to Tcl comes from the SDL (with the notable exception of bluetooth support). The Androwish port of Tcl/Tk makes programming really easy, and the goal is to make Androwish programs port to ios fairly painlessly.

The results of this port would remain under Tcl's open source license.

Why am I funding this? My company makes Android-tablet controlled espresso machines (coded in Tcl with Androwish), and I'd love to support ios devices with a single Tcl/Tk code base. I've also previously funded (via Lyris) TclHttpd as well as Tcl Core improvements to Tcl's TCP/IP stack on Windows.

mailto:[email protected]

 2015 - OpenBet Ltd London 2015 On-Wards

2015 - OpenBet Ltd London 2015 On-Wards

OpenBet are the world’s leading provider of software and services to the betting industry, we develop sportsbetting technology and online casino games for the biggest names in the market.

We are constantly on the look out for talented individuals with TCL experience to come join our growing team.

Please visit us at for more information.

Feel free to contact me on [email protected] with any questions.

 2015-8-13 UK TCL Programmer needed

2015-8-13 UK TCL Programmer needed

Hello Everybody,

I am looking for TCL programmers who can do offline job. I am located in UK, would be useful if somebody will be from here, but if abroad its not problem.

I can pay hourly rates 30£/ per hour.

If you are interesting please get in touch by email [email protected]

I have many small tasks one example is here:

Looking forward to get in touch with you guys. PLease contact !!!

Regards segama

 2013-03-26 22:41:09 Amick Brown

2013-03-26 22:41:09 Amick Brown - Senior Tcl Developer - San Francisco Bay Area

FYI: The following post appears to originate from a third-party IT consulting agency (i.e. the position is not direct), which is potentially in conflict with the spirit of this page. Also, the primary emphasis does not appear to be Tcl.

Senior Tcl Developer - San Francisco Bay Area - Long Term contract

Amick Brown is seeking an experienced developer to work on the design and build of a new application in a large telecommunications company. This will be an exciting opportunity to work on a small team responsible for every aspect of the application including application design, hardware and network config, development, testing and deployment.

Coding languages/experience:

  • C# - or equivalent experience with Java, C, C++, etc
  • .Net - .Net experience with VB will be considered
  • Object Oriented design (Abstract Classes, Interfaces, Generics, etc.)
  • Collections
  • LINQ and Lambda expressions
  • Visual Studio
  • TL1 / Tcl

Web development experience:

  • MVC – partials, helpers, filters, Editor and Display Templates, Model Binding, etc. (MVC experience with different language/environment will be considered)
  • Jquery
  • AJAX
  • Webservices REST/SOAP
  • Familiar with HttpModules, ISAPI filters, etc.
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Forms/etc.


  • Sql Server – MySQL, oracle, etc. experience will be considered
  • Database Design, Data Modeling, relational databases
  • Stored Procedures and Functions


  • Windows and IIS
  • Experience managing and configuring webservers (IIS, weblogic, etc.)

Email Resumes to: [email protected] Phone: 925-820-2000

 2011-06-02 Mentor Graphics

2011-06-02 Mentor Graphics

Job Requirements

We are looking for entry level candidates with 0-2 years experience, who have broad exposure to computer science systems principles. In addition to one area of deep expertise, ideal candidates will have advanced coursework in multiple areas such as concurrent programming, database internals, and user interface design. The duties will involve developing and maintaining simulation debug, introspection, and analysis capabilities, from instrumentation and data gathering, to presentation.

Job Qualifications

BS/MS in Computer Science or related discipline. Knowledge of C and Linux development is essential. Knowledge of Tcl, or other dynamic languages, is also necessary. Knowledge of Open Source development or Microsoft Windows platform desirable. Experience working with tool APIs is also a benefit. We are looking for individuals with a strong desire and ability to learn and explore new technologies and who are able to demonstrate good analysis and problem solving skills. You will need excellent programming and software engineering skills. Self-motivation, self discipline and the ability to set personal goals and work consistently towards them in a dynamic environment will go far towards contributing to your success. Any graphic arts experience will be considered a plus. If you believe high performance and feature rich are not contradictory goals, you should apply.

Visit to apply.

 2010-08-15 Target Labs

2010-08-15 Target Labs

'''Long-term, secure TLC/TK Software Developer positions in the Washington, DC area! If you are not currently looking, please consider friends and colleageues who may benefit from receiving this announcement. Target Labs, Inc. is currently searching, on behalf of its client, for Junior and Senior Software Engineer for the following position:

With over 20 Target Lab, Inc. employees on-site, our client has met with great success!'''

Client: To be discussed Location: Arlington, VA Position: Software Engineer II & III Duration: 6 months to start. Assume 6 month contact to hire ____________________________________________________

Position requirements:

Ability to think in the abstract when designing programming solutions

Strong technical foundation with the ability to follow-through and investigate what needs to be done when given general guidelines.

Strong ability troubleshoot problems independently Familiarity with writing code that relies on an Oracle DB foundation.

Familiarity with Oracle and SQL is very important.

Strong communication skills - both oral and written. I.e., able to write and maintain technical documentation to describe what a program does

Ability to aggregate information from different sources and make sense out if it without much guidance

Technical skills required:

Unix (esp. Sun Solaris) Web-based GUI development experience using XML, CSS, DOM/SAX, AJAX Advanced Tcl/Tk, Shell Scripting Intermediate JavaScript Advanced skills in ONE of the following: Intermediate C/C++/ or Perl. Familiarity with SGML or XML Familiarity with Oracle and SQL

Functional Skills Required:

Ability to work within a team environment Excellent problem identification, analysis and solving skills Strong communication skills

Desired Skills:

Linux or Windows XSLT XML DB's

If you are interested in discussing these positions, please reply to this message by sending your resume and qualifications to [email protected]. Please include a telephone number and convenient time when you can be reached for a brief conversation. Please attach a copy of your resume, in Word, to your reply.

If you are not interested in these positions, please consider friends and colleagues who may benefit from receiving this announcement.

Thank you for considering Target Labs, Inc. I look forward to working with you soon. Regards,

-- Kelly Collier Senior Technical Recruiter Target Labs, Inc. Direct: 202.422.8766 | Fax 703.891.9141 The Green IT Services Firm,

 2009-11-10 13:50:23, DVisualizationSoftwareEngineer

2009-11-10 13:50:23, DVisualizationSoftwareEngineer

VIDEO GAMES FOR SURGEONS! Join a dynamic company specializing in surgical guidance, surgical robotics, implants & instruments as a:

Visualization Software Engineer

Maintain and develop software interfaces between a surgical navigation system and various peripherals. Maintain and develop tools for registration, segmentation, fusion, display, and analysis.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with clinical partners to develop and evaluate new software capabilities with particular focus on 3D display and visualization
  • Maintain and improve proprietary Tcl/Tk extensions for registration, segmentation, fusion, display, and analysis
  • Maintain and improve existing extensions for peripheral interfaces
  • Develop, document, and test new extensions as needed
  • Write embedded documentation and testing scripts for new and existing extensions
  • Develop user interfaces for new applications

Education/Skill and Experience Requirements:

  • Min of Bachelor’s degree, Master’s preferred in Computer Engineering or Computer Science with minimum of 2 years experience.
  • Familiarity with “Constructive Solid Geometry” concepts and OpenGL programming required

Strong background with a scripting language desired. Prior experience with Tcl/Tk ideal but not required Demonstrated proficiency in C or C++, Unix or Linux. Strong background in analytic geometry and computer graphics

  • Medical imaging experience strongly preferred
  • Ability to document work and communicate it effectively and persuasively to others is essential
  • Ability to attend Cadaver Lab Trainings

Qualified Candidates should apply to or Click here to apply:

A Tcl/TK Test will be required prior to interview

Relocation Assistance will be provided


 2009-10-29 11:39:59, Sapphire Technologies San Antonio

2009-10-29 11:39:59, Sapphire Technologies San Antonio

A client of ours in San Antonio, Texas is looking for a Lead Interface Analyst for a contact to hire opportunity. Contact me if you are qualified for the below opportunity: [email protected].


The Lead Interface Analyst will be a hands-on technical leader who is responsible for planning, monitoring deliverables, managing resources, as well as directly contributing to the design and development of the enterprise-wide integration infrastructure. This is a senior level-position with high-visibility and broad responsibilities in a fast-paced and challenging environment.


  1. Provides design, implementation and management of enterprise wide information systems with emphasis on interface technology and standards.
  2. Responsible for analysis, support and maintenance, of existing or planned interface and EDI solutions with focus on efficiency, standards and cost effectiveness.
  3. Develop and document data flows for interfaces.
  4. Document work flows for interfaces routines.
  5. Performs data integration tasks including interface mapping, design, development, documentation, testing, implementation, and support.
  6. Provide technical leadership and expertise to resolve complex system problems.
  7. Reviews interfaced system requirements with users and translate requirements to specific functions.
  8. Assists in the development of test scripts and preparation of test data for interface testing.
  9. Organize and lead activities including project planning, projecting resource requirements, application programming, documentation, integration analysis, and testing.
  10. Build interface implementation project plans with detailed tasks and appropriate estimates.
  11. Document the change management process for production interface changes, updates, and releases.
  12. Identify opportunities for process improvements for existing and new interfaces. Also responsible for supporting existing production interfaces.
  13. Provide knowledgeable and timely 24x7 on-call production support, with some evenings and weekends for planned outages for upgrades (duties will rotate).
  14. Ensure that interfaced applications are being used properly and that they function in accordance with the client and vendor specifications.
  15. Identify technical obstacles and take independent action to resolve issues where possible.
  16. Proactively keep the Chief Technology Officer fully informed of progress, setbacks, missed targets or potential concerns that may impede the timeline of the project.
  17. Make recommendations with respect to personnel actions (e.g. hiring, firing, performance evaluations).
  18. Adheres to the highest degree of professional standards and strict confidentiality in matters that require discretion.
   1  Other duties as assigned.

Core Competencies


  • Possesses or has the ability to develop in-depth knowledge of client business objectives and medical operations
  • Ability to quickly solve problems and make decisions
  • Demonstrates a high level of energy
  • Is customer service focused and responsive
  • Is flexible and creative
  • Willing to do whatever needs to be done
  • Exhibits strong organization skills and is detail oriented
  • Communicates effectively and creates a positive team atmosphere
  • Demonstrates knowledge of team process and functions effectively as a team leader
  • Knows, understands and articulates the vision and values of the client
  • Organizes work for the team based on prioritized objectives
  • Provide direction to team members in order to effectively and efficiently utilize resources
  • Delegates authority and responsibility to the team
  • Understands the need of the team members
  • Provides feedback to team members to correct “missed” objectives, resolves disputes
  • Able to respond to demands of change in a timely and constructive manner and assists others in managing change
  • Assesses prospective IT staff selection and placement
  • Evaluates success of team and implementation
  • Understands and integrates performance improvement concepts into day to day operations
  • Role models best practice based on organizational policies and procedures


  • Is always respectful to internal and external customers
  • Is knowledgeable of standards of confidentiality and maintains them at all times
  • Collaborates, communicates, and consults with other members of the team in a respectful and solution focused manner
  • Demonstrates the ability to articulate information both verbally and in writing
  • Promptly responds to inquiries from internal or external customers or refers them to another resource
  • Demeanor reflects the positive image of the client

Education and Experience

Bachelors degree in a hard science, math, MIS, engineering, or a minimum of five years experience in a related technical discipline, with strong problem solving/technical skills and attention to detail. Excellent oral and written communication, documentation and organizational skills; project, task and detail oriented, ability to interact with vendors and user community.

Job Knowledge/Skills/Abilities

Advanced working knowledge with HL7 interface guidelines and standards

Advanced working knowledge with interface administration, troubleshooting and development.

Advanced programming knowledge of VB, SeeBeyond e*Gate or similar interface engine such as Quovadax/Cloverleaf or Openlink (Epic Bridges and Quovadax/Cloverleaf experience preferred).

Proven proficiency working with Cache in a mixed-platform environment (UNIX and Windows) Disciplined in software development processes and ability to anticipate project teams' requirements and identify and resolve complex problems, ability to design and implement viable solutions to technical challenges with minimal supervision. Documented experience with industry standard interface and EDI concepts in Healthcare environment (i.e., HL7, ANSI, TCP/IP) Proven project management skills including the ability to successfully manage multiple implementations.

 2009-07-16, stephanys

2009-07-16, stephanys

I am looking for a TCL/Vignette Consultant for a 6 month+ contract in NYC. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected].

 2009-01: Consultant Needed in Las Vegas

2009-01: Consultant Needed in Las Vegas

I need a programmer for a contract to help us with a project. We have a Cisco CNR DHCP server assigning addresses across ~2700 workstations. This DHCP server supports either C or TCL. We have a database of NetBIOS names and MAC addresses for each workstation stored in a MS SQL 2008 database. Each has a various status assigned to them such as "approved." We want to have the DHCP server (through this application) reach into the database and only give our addresses that have the "approved" status. Would like some additional functionality but can be discussed in person.

Please contact Lindsay at lindsayb at for more information.

 2008-11, Support Engineers/Developers in South America

2008-11, Support Engineers/Developers in South America

We are a software startup working on crossplatform system administration tools with an emphasis in open source and virtualization. We are looking for south american developers fluent in Tcl and with a good level of English to provide support and development services for US-based customers (Chile would be ideal). Please ping us at [email protected] and we will provide more details about the company and positions.

 2008-10, Software Developer in Houston, TX

2008-10, Software Developer in Houston, TX

ImpactWeather, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Universal Weather and Aviation Inc., operates a state-of-the-art forecast operations center 24x7, providing severe weather notification and specialized forecasting services to a steadily-growing number of onshore industrial clients, offshore marine operations, as well as several segments of the power and energy market. Investments in our personnel, computational capabilities, and software tools are a priority.

The role of the Software Developer is to provide support for the development and maintenance of custom business applications, including coding, unit testing, and debugging. This individual will consult with application architects to clarify functional requirements and program objectives. This role will document detailed design and technical requirements to meet business needs.


  • Works under the leadership of application architects to understand business needs and software design solutions.
  • Drafts detail design document and technical requirements.
  • Conducts design reviews.
  • Provides estimates for software development efforts.
  • Develops new/maintains existing software using C/C++, Tcl/Tk, Perl, and UNIX scripts.
  • Develops and maintains web applications.
  • Writes documentation for existing and new applications and systems.
  • Presents and explains software changes at code review.
  • Performs unit and functional testing.
  • Handles multiple project assignments and coordinates work loads with the project manager.
  • Provides Level One support to the Service Desk 24x7 (will require to carry a pager/phone).
  • Responds after hours to application or system failures.
  • Provides timely feedback to management and coworkers.
  • Engages in a planned program of professional development to maintain continual growth in professional skills and knowledge essential to the position.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (or related field)
  • 5 years of directly related work experience and must have a thorough working knowledge of relational databases
  • Basic Project Management skills
  • Solid UNIX and Windows knowledge
  • Meticulous about coding and visual/interface design standards
  • Software Skills: C/C++ or Java, Unix socket programming, TCL/TK (must be willing to learn), Perl, HTML, XML data modeling, XSLT, MySQL database, Unix/Linux (Solaris), and Windows
  • Excellent communications skills (oral and written) and detailed-oriented, and strong analytical skills

ImpactWeather, Inc. offers an outstanding compensation and benefits package. For more information about ImpactWeather, please visit our website at: . Apply online at [L1 ] or send resume to [email protected].

ImpactWeather, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer.

 2008-10, Experienced TCL Programmers Needed in Minneapolis

2008-10, Experienced TCL Programmers Needed in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota area employer looking for full-time TCL programmers for database driven webdesign using AOLserver. One to two years experience working with Tcl and web design. Experience with Linux a plus. Contact us at to apply. Relocation is not currently offered.

 2008-09, Integration Consultant & Developer for Aerospace Defense company in Ft. Worth Texas

2008-09, Integration Consultant & Developer for Aerospace Defense company in Ft. Worth Texas

Optimal Solutions is looking for a consultant for a 6-9 month contract with systems provider to aerospace company. 4+ years software development experience. Experience with manufacturing related software applications desirable. Must be US citizen or green card holder.


  • A clear understanding of integration methods, approaches and technologies along with a working knowledge of Service Oriented Architectures.
  • Application software development experience with compiled and interpreted languages such as TCL/TK, C, C++, etc.
  • Solid understanding of Java programming fundamentals.
  • Proficiency with object-oriented concepts and experience applying standard design and integration patterns.
  • Ability to work on multiple priorities and/or projects simultaneously.
  • A good understanding of the various aspects of XML including document structures, schema/DTD development, XSLT, XPATH, DOM and SAX.
  • Understanding of how SAP can integrate technically with shop floor and engineering systems using standard IDOCs/RFCs/BAPIs and xMII is a plus.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Problem-solving abilities and ability to meet reasonable deadlines.

Please contact me at [email protected] or call at 214-868-8181

 2008-08, System Test Engineer (SQA) in Telecommunications in RTP/NC

2008-08, System Test Engineer (SQA) in Telecommunications in RTP/NC

Hatteras Networks designs and implements next generation broadband Ethernet solutions. Our goal is to get all carriers to stop using/selling POTS, T1, and ATM services, and step up to high-speed packet/Ethernet/IP services. It’s time to put those old technologies out to pasture and step into the new century, even for stodgy old telephone companies.

Right now, we’re searching for a System Test Engineer (SQA) to join our team and help us continue to automate our product testing. So we're looking for someone who

  • Knows how switches/routers/networks work, and doesn't mind getting down and dirty with them
  • Can use packet generators, analyzers, sniffers, etc. to understand what's actually happening on a network
  • Prefers shells and obscure little script commands to pretty graphical interfaces
  • Doesn't mind repeating something a few times to make sure it’s right
  • Hates repeating something too many times manually, so figures how to automate it instead
  • Doesn't think TCL is a misspelling of the acronym for “Tender Loving Care”
  • Is a hunter - takes a function/feature, analyzes it, find its weaknesses, and kills it
  • Loves to work independently with talented co-workers
  • Always wants to be the best on every team he works on
  • Has a degree in a geeky software related field

And very importantly, we want you to enjoy doing it. System Test is hard work - you have to understand a complex networking product as well as anyone, and find ways to make it better. The hours can be long, especially as a software/hardware release is nearing, but on the bright side, there's an unlimited supply of sugar and caffeine in the break room:)

Our engineers need to thrive in small, focused teams and, when faced with a challenge, accept and rise above it. We look for people who are passionate and committed to achieving success in everything they do, and we rely on every employee to contribute and make a difference.

Contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at .

 2008-08 GUI and Embedded Developer

2008-08 GUI and Embedded Developer

COMPANY: port GmbH

 2008-06 Graphics & User Interface Developer

2008-06 Graphics & User Interface Developer

Graphics and GUI Developers at Partek provide visualizations for statistically interesting data, develop user interfaces that are easy to use, and manage the look and feel of the user experience. The successful candidate will have extensive design and implementation skills and experience designing scientific software user interfaces and scientific visualization.


  • B.S. (or higher) in Computer Science or Engineering
  • Strong C/C++ programming skills
  • Experience with OpenGL on multiple platforms
  • Experience with Tcl/Tk a plus

See for career opportunities at our St. Louis, MO, USA office.

 2008-03 Tcl Programmer Needed in TAMPA FLORIDA for a contract assignment

2008-03 Tcl Programmer Needed in TAMPA FLORIDA for a contract assignment

Tcl Programmer Needed in TAMPA FLORIDA for a contract assignment. 6 month Contract/ US Citizens are preferred You will be doing development and maintenance for a decision engine which clients use to run credit information on applicants. Will make Oracle database table modifications using SQL*Plus, and provide production support.

Candidates with 2 years of Tcl experience will be considered. Rush your resume to [email protected] Thank you for any help.