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Purpose: this is a bulletin board for people wanting jobs (long-term, short-term, whatever) that require skills in Tcl.

Note This page is primarily intended for use by the Tcl community. Everyone is welcome to post information here, but it is not intended to be a head hunter haven. Please use this resource wisely, with the understanding that everybody is an editor.

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2022-03-15: Joe Mistachkin available for full-time projects.

2021-12-12: Torsten Berg available for small-scale projects, especially for biology topics.

2018-02-19: CecilWesterhof Started Tcl not long ago. Best way to learn a language is to use it. So I am looking for a challenging Tcl project to become a 'master'.

bll (2016-9) Quality assurance, testing, localization, porting, portability, automation, system administration. Tcl/Tk, Bourne Shell, PHP, Perl, C, MySQL/MariaDB, HTML, CSS. No job too small, short-term contracts are good.

aspect: Specialising in embedded systems, networked services and interfacing C/C++ with Tk GUIs. Experienced with 3G networks and complex TCP/IP stacks. Particular focus on understanding business needs and using software to improve efficiency, understanding and workflow.

Kevin Walzer: Special expertise with Tcl/Tk on Mac OS X.

Shilpa (mailto:[email protected] ) - Chennai, India 2yrs experience with Datacom Testing. Expertise in TCL. Knowledge on Networking. Involved in automation testing for L2VPN features using TCL.

Klaus Häfner (mailto:[email protected] ) - Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany Available as freelancer everywhere, even would contract near Bamberg. Languages + Tools: Tcl/Tk (12 years), IncrTcl, Cocoa/ObjC, C, Java(+script), Quartz Composer, few experience with serval other languages (like "Profan", "PureBasic", ...) Platforms: MacOSX, Linux, Windows and Windows mobile

Don Cruickshank [L1 ] (mailto:[email protected] ). Resident of Bristol(ish) (UK). Willing to contract anywhere in the U.K., and most places Europe wide. Willing to telework anywhere. 16 years (1998) development experience in Tcl/Tk on Unix, Linux and MsWindows. 30 years (1984) development experience in commercial software design and build on mainframes, minis and PCs largely with databases and GUIs. CV supplied on request or via JobServe/JobSite. Last contract - Antwerp Space (Belgium).

Giulio Laurenzi mailto:[email protected] - 5 years Experience in Tcl/Tk, Html, PosgreSQL, Oracle, Linux, AOLserver, a little of Java, a little of Navision and others. Available in Europe, Right now located in Sweden.

David S. Cargo escargo (posted 16 June 2008) - Experience with Tcl/Tk and expect since 1996. Experience with GUI design and development, usability testing, test automation, and quality assessment.

Peter Caffin (peterc) [L2 ]. Experienced sysadmin and Tcl scripter with a focus on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and Solaris. Located in Perth, Western Australia. Can telecommute anywhere ;-). (Updated: 2008-01-24)

Neetu jain (mailto:[email protected] ) 2+ years Tcl experience, C and C ++, experience. Experience in Linux unix, solaris. Techs: Tcl-tk, C, c++, Shell scripts, html, Make e.t.c OS: Linux, Windows. For resume mail me at :- [email protected] ---located in Austin, Texas (Updated 02/15/2007)

Richard Kotal (mailto:[email protected] ) 5+ years Tcl experience. 9+ years C and C/Objective experience. 5+ years experience in Linux administration. Techs: AOLserver, Tcl, C, Objective C, PHP; DBMS: Firebird/Interbase, MySQL, SQLite; OS: Linux, Windows. For my projects see: http://www.aolserver.cz/ . Looking for contract work. (Updated 02/05/2007)

Angelo Georgino Chiu (mailto:[email protected] ) 5+ years hands-on experience with Tcl/Tk. Capable of programming in C/C++ in UNIX environment. 2+ years experience in UNIX administration. Has experience with Shell programming and automation task programming. Have Sybase background and able to create stored procs. Currently in MN, USA until July 2012 (Updated 05/17/2012)

Robert J. Liguori (mailto:[email protected] ) 5+ years extensive Tcl/Tk experience. 10+ years aviation relation software disciplines. Resume at http://www.blueberryrepublic.com . Currently located near Atlantic City, New Jersey. I am willing to telecommute and/or relocate. (Updated 10/05/2006)

Mark G. Saye (mailto:[email protected] ) 12+ years extensive Tcl/Tk experience, primarily Linux/Unix, especially small-screen/handheld, GUI design, usability, custom applications, custom widgets, application architecture. Also strong experience with web technology, databases, system admin, software engineering. CV/Resume on request. Available for contract/consulting/permanent positions in South/South-east England, or possibly Bristol area. Would consider relocation for the right opportunity. (Updated 2010/05/06)

Dossy Shiobara (mailto:[email protected] , blog: http://dossy.org/ ) - 8+ years of Tcl, specifically in AOLserver and Vignette StoryServer and V/5. Techs: AOLserver, Vignette, Tcl, C, PHP, Perl, Ruby; DBMS: MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, Sybase, Informix; OS: Linux, Solaris, AIX. Located in Northern New Jersey, looking for either consulting or FTE work, preferably telecommute if outside of NJ.

Andy Doerr mailto:[email protected] - 6+ years Experience in Tcl/Tk, ITcl, C, C++, Java, Visual C++, FreeBSD, Linux, and others. Available for Contract and Fulltime positions in USA (Willing to relocate for fulltime position only).

Ulrich Schoebel mailto:[email protected] - Experience in Tcl/Tk, C, and other languages on Unix/Linux. Available for contract work. Resume at [L3 ] (german) or [L4 ] (english).

Gottfried Lindner mailto:[email protected] - Experience in Tcl/Tk, C, Visual Basic and other languages on Windows and Unix. Looking for contract work. More information in German on my homepage http://gottfried.lindner.bei.t-online.de or at http://www.gulp.de/profil/gli.html .

Vaclav Snajdr mailto:[email protected] - Experience in Tcl/Tk-Cobol-Interface - on Linux/Unix - looking for contract work - see http://www.snajdr.de (german).

Chris Nelson mailto:[email protected] - Experience in Tcl/Tk, C, C++, and other languages on UNIX, 'Windows, VMS and other platforms. Author, Tcl/Tk Programmers' Reference [L5 ]. "If it's got a keyboard and a manual, I'll program it."

David Gravereaux mailto:[email protected] - Previous professional experience: was working for Scriptics/Ajuba for a short time last summer until the buy-out. I'm good with makefiles, C++, and deep Tcl innards especially under multithreaded environments. (2001-05-10 rs)

C. Allen Flick mailto:[email protected] - Decades of previous professional experience: 5+ years working with Tcl/Tk with a little [incr] sprinkled in, experience in C/C++ & assembly and a little Unix/Linux. Exposure to Perl, CVS, and most of MS applications. Co-Authored "Using TCL/TK for an Automatic Test Engine" for the '98 SanDiego conference. - Looking for a permanent position in the Dallas, TX area. - Will do contract work also. Actually I'm considering joining the Free Agent Nation. - Relocation: will *strongly* consider within TX; will give honest consideration to any area outside TX. (2001-05-18)

David Welton mailto:[email protected] - Vice President of Apache Tcl with the Apache Software Foundation. Extensive experience integrating Tcl with the Apache web server (mod_dtcl, Rivet, Websh). Deep Tcl/Web knowledge. - Good knowledge of Tcl, especially C API. - I reside in Padova, Italy, and am available for contract work throughout Europe (or worldwide, if you're willing for me to work remotely). - Resume at http://www.dedasys.com

Peter MacDonald mailto:[email protected] - Creator of BrowseX web browser, and TML. - Most interested in Web, C and Tcl development. Contracting preferred. - Resume available at http://dev.browsex.com/resume.html

Cameron Laird [L6 ]

Mo DeJong

Steve Landers

Mark Roseman [L7 ] - mailto:[email protected]

Todd Coram todd at maplefish com - I've been scripting since 1992 (Tcl since 1994). Looking for contract (or interesting permanent) work in the MD/DC/VA area. Resume at http://www.maplefish.com/todd/resume.html

Cris A. Fugate - mailto:[email protected] 13 years of experience including Tcl/Tk, Expect, tDOM, SafeTcl, Jacl, CGI.tcl, TclHttpd, and AOLServer. Creator of framesets, frameagents, assertcl. Also have exposure to other languages including C, Go, Java, Javascript, Lisp, Perl, and Python. Resume at http://www.linkedin.com/in/crisafugate (currently in Charlotte NC, but open to other places)

Jean-Claude Wippler

Jeremy Collins mailto:[email protected] - Experience using Tcl/Tk since 2000, including wrapping C libraries with Tcl interfaces. Also have extensive experience using AOLserver. I have contributed to AOLserver, nsoracle, nsxml, and oratcl. http://www.beetlebug.org/

Stuart Cassoff

Dmitry Mironov mailto:[email protected] Resume at http://www.dmitrymironov.com/resume.htm Created Qt/Tcl binding http://www.trolltech.com/freesoftware/index.html?Action=ShowCat&category=Bindings Network applications (traffic analysis, security), QA, CAD, embedding applications, multithreaded Tcl packages, distributed Tcl Servers (with remote access) to manage complex distributed software configurations.

Michael Haschek mailto:[email protected] more than 10 years experience in large Tcl/Tk projects, Projectmanagement and -design, Quality Assurance. Social Networks. Available for contract work. http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelhaschek

Salvatore Sanfilippo mailto:[email protected] . Experienced C and Tcl programmer, Tcl C API, Tcl extensions development and Tcl internals modification. Experience in networking, security, cryptography, author of hping3 and the book BOOK Tclwise, I invented the Idle Scan [L8 ]. I work as freelance, I'm currently writing a small footprint Tcl implementation. You can find more about me at [L9 ].

Ahmed Kamal mailto:[email protected] . 1 Year of heavy unix cad type of tcl coding. I am your medium tcl programmer. Not primarily a wizard, but I will get the job done. My services are available at a low and negotiable prices. I am a free lancer and looking for contracts.

Robert Heller Looking for Tcl/Tk / C/C++ work. Part-time and/or contract work. Visit my company web site at http://www.deepsoft.com/ and/or download my resume at [L10 ] or [L11 ].

Googie (Pawel Salawa)

Walter T. Schweitzer (mailto:[email protected] , Owner Schweitzer Technology LLC) - Available for part-time and contract work. TCL, Vignette, AOLServer, Python, MySQL, Linux, Java. Located right outside of Manhattan. Telecommute if outside of the tri-state area.

Anthony E Miller (mailto:[email protected] , IKEA) - Former Geodata Analyst for RPS Energy and Scott Pickford. Experience with Visual Basic, VBA, ACTIVEX, SQL, Perl, TCL/TK (10+ years), C. See old projects at [L12 ]. Note that I am not Anthony Miller the owner of Owner Schweitzer Technology LLC as someone else edited into this profile. To avoid confusion I've put my middle initial into my name - I'm now Anthony E Miller - please drop me a line before adding biographical material.

Thomas Braun (tb) - mailto tb (at) tcltalk.ath.cx - 15 yrs. experience in Tcl/Tk, 20 yrs. PHP,HTML,JavaScript,CSS,Smalltalk,bash,C. Developed and efficient workflows using OpenSource utilities on Linux. Database driven backends with various frontends in Tcl,HTML,Smalltalk and ObjectPascal. Secure shop system on top of tclhttpd, interfacing with foreign payment systems. Located near Hamburg, Germany

René Zaumseil

Quite a few consultants, some with deep language and project experience, are available for contract work.

Jeroen - 2014-10-30 11:39:30

Do you know TCL? Interested in building 2-way modules for a Home Automation System (Audio / Video) via our SDK with UI-Tool? Please contact me at [email protected]