Oracle Corporation , a leader in the RDBMS field, is one of the two largest software companies in the world (like the other, Microsoft, a small fraction of its revenue comes from hardware product sales). Oracle has a corporate reputation for being combative, high-priced, enterprise-oriented, aggressive in its sales orientation to the point of occasional criminal investigation, and generally successful.

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Oracle itself is a major user of Tcl. Several administrative utilities are Tk products. Oracle Enterprise Manager is crucial to ...

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LV: Note that Oracle is now at version 11. Somewhere around version 10, they quit shipping a tcl component, but apparently still have some vestiges of tcl references in some of the materials. This is going to go away...

OMB Plus is a flexible, high-level command line metadata access tool for Oracle Warehouse Builder. OMB Plus is an extension of the Tcl programming language.

Transaction Control Language?

escargo 2007-08-21: The issue is muddied somewhat because Oracle also has a Transaction Control Language (so it's also abbreviated as TCL). (See ).

EMJ Well, no it doesn't, really. That reference is only a short note about the statements used to control transactions in SQL or PL/SQL, i.e. transaction control language with no capitals! There is no specific language involved. I consider the section heading Transaction Control Language (TCL) Statements to be a documentation bug and I intend to raise it as such - the abbreviation should not be there. This is the only such use of it in the entire Oracle documentation set.

escargo: I certainly don't mind if it's clarified, but searching through Oracle on-line docs for the right Tcl gets just a little harder when there is a clash like that.

Software using Oracle

In Tcl FAQ, part 4 :

 What: ArsDigita Community System
 Description: An AOLserver/ORACLE based Tcl web application that provides
        users with forums and other web based applications.
        The ArsDigita Community System (ACS) is an database backed web
         collaboration tool originally written for Oracle and also ported
         to InterBase DBMS, release 4.0, available on Linux at no charge.
        ACS operates on top of AOLServer, a free HTTP server.
        Now includes the source for the Oracle driver as well as the
         nscache, nsrewrite, and nssha1 modules.
        Source is available and binaries for Redhat Linux and Solaris
         are available.  A Windows version is being developed.
        Information regarding exporting of Tcl wrappers for OpenLDAP compliant
         libraries is available on arsdigita, with more info and code on
        The Ybos web page has new ArsDigita modules for group scoping,
         event planning and content management.
        A version based on PostgreSQL is available at benadida.
        ArsDigita has their own release of AOLserver (v3.2+ad10),
         as well as Oracle drivers, etc.  See the acs-repository URL.
        Recently ArsDigita moved to a Java based distribution.  However, the
         OpenACS project took over the Tcl based software from what
         I understand.  OpenACS is at version 3.2.5 with a version 4 b2 in
 Updated: 06/2001
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]
 What: Oracle wrap for Tcl/Tk
 Description: A simple ORACLE wrap that implements SQL commands in Tcl/Tk.
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Mark Andrew Hale)

 What: Sibylla
 Description: An application development framework for WWW based applications.
        Sibylla allows access to data stored in databases, indexed HTML
        files, or, in general to data management by a server-side application.
        Sibylla 2.0 supports BasisPlus, Informix, Ingres, Microsoft SQL
        Server, mSQL, Oracle, and Sybase.  The WWW interface module for
        Sibylla is free.  The various database modules have varying prices
        depending on the database.  See the WWW site for details.
 Updated: 11/1996
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Ing. M.Ricotti)

 What: StepTool
 Description: Lockheed Martin tracking software for development and test
        results of software systems.  Uses Oracle.
 Updated: 08/1998
 Contact: Unknown



 What: RDB extension
 Description: Tcl extension for the portable Relational Database Package.
        Based loosely on DBperl.  Can support modules such as informix,
        oracle, ingres, etc. but only provides informix.
 Updated: 11/1996
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Martin Andrews)

 What: Tk login window
 Description: A Login and Password proc for logging into ORACLE.  Could
        be adapted for other types of login needs.
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Andy Caiger)

 What: Explain
 Description: GUI tool to enable visualizing Oracle Query plans.
        Requires perl, DBI/DBD::Oracle and Tk 8.
 Updated: 03/1999
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Alan Burlison)

 What: Orac
 Description: pTk extension and program integrating databases and Perl/Tk.
        Requires perl 5.005_02, DBI-1.13, Tk800.015, relevant DBD drivers.
        Works with Oracle, Informix, Sybase, etc. Currently at v1-1-31.
 Updated: 09/1999
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Andy Duncan)

See: HammerDB

ASHMON uses Oracle's Active Session History feature to provide detailed performance analysis. Updates: [L1 ].