Most people have their equivalent of this page (those are my initials but it's just an editing handle) redirect to the page whose title is their full name (not necessarily the real one). They then usually have a backrefs meta-tag on that page to show all the pages they have put their handle on. I have made this my main page, with the other redirecting here, since the list of references can then be produced by clicking the page title, and therefore produces the list only when requested.

RKzn 2015-08-31 - Thanks for your help , I was lost on why the link didn't work, so I decided to look at it later, and hoped for some help. I'm still not sure... I notice you added a colon, does the link markup need some nearby text to work?

EMJ It was a tagged list item originally (see Formatting Rules), but stripping out the colon and the rest made it into an indented line, in which everything is displayed as written. Putting (just) the colon back made it back into a tagged list item with only the heading part.

RKzn Thanks. I focused on the markup that was unfamiliar, I am used to Wikimedia's and links work differently, and so eventually became blind to the bits that are exactly the same (indented line and tagged/definition list). Note, to and if the user that edited EMJ's reply reads this: I wasted much much more time trying to figure what was edited on EMJ's answer, by someone unrelated to the conversation, than I would have to understand that "itno" was "into" (which took zero seconds when I first read it)

EMJ I don't object to the spelling correction, of course, but PYK's habit of editing in an external editor has often made his changes seem more extensive than they actually are. In this case I can't see at all how even the Word Difference function shows the entire paragraph as changed.

  Wiki Issues

On 26 May 2014 I pretty much lost interest in this wiki in the face of the enormous number of pages that have been turned into meaningless lists under inappropriate headings with any real content pushed off the immediately visible part of the page, and where the personality of past contributors has mostly been erased.

On 22 Feb 2015 I said that this wiki is now well on the way to becoming one person's personal playground.

Some other people agreed with me (perhaps not as many as I should have liked, but more than PYK seems to think there are). There are comments on this scattered throughout the wiki, and a long thread on comp.lang.tcl (which I did not start and which has wandered into other types of problem with the wiki).

2015-09-04: At first glance I think that Previous and Next links (as in, for instance, About the WIki) are generally contrary to the spirit of a wiki (any wiki!). Follow that on and we'll have Up links and Contents links, and an attempt to turn the Wiki into a hierarchy. Been there, done that, don't want ever to hear of any such idea again.