Oracle Enterprise Manager

This is the architecture of the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM): an OEM "console" has the ability to send "scripts" for execution on a "remote agent", that is, an individual monitored server. A restricted form of Tcl (version 8.0, as of 2001?) is the language of these scripts. See [L1 ] for Oracle's documentation, which claims it is using Tcl 7.5 ...

(the link above is broken - see Oracle Documentation)

OEM is built with Oratcl.

Among the technical reasons Oracle might rationally have chosen Tcl for OEM over, for example, Perl:

  • Oratcl's distinguished history;
  • Tcl's record of achievement with SNMP applications;
  • Tcl's event-orientation;
  • Tcl's tradition of "agent" work.

See also "Oracle".