PGP in an acronym for Pretty Good Privacy. Created by Phil Zimmermann [L1 ], it implements a public/private key encryption environment where one is able to publish a portion of one's key publically, to be used by someone wanting to send you a private message. Only those whose keys are used to encrypt the message can, in theory, decrypt it using the software. The software has had some freely distributable portions as well as commercial portions, but it is my understanding that some parts of the idea are patented.

Members of the FSF project, have created GNUPG, , as a freely available and open counter-part to PGP.

See also: tclgpgme, tclgpg. lists

 What: nn-tk
 Description: A Tk interface to nn (net newsreader).  It allows
        the use of exmh to post news, as well as to
        send and read MIME and PGP email messages as well as to turn URLs into
        buttons for passing to Netscape or other browsers.  Supports Tk 4.x
        You may need to update to the latest version of exmh to get the
        support for all of nn-tk's features.  Be sure to keep checking
        back at the ftp site for new releases.
 Updated: 08/1998
 Contact:  mailto:[email protected] (Toivo Pedaste)

 What: NSBD
 Description: GNU licensed software which provides an open WWW-based
        authenticating software distribution system.
        Uses digital signatures for maintainers of packages, and
        provides means to check for updates with auto download and install.
        Written in Tcl/Tk and C for Unix, and uses PGP.
        Watch web page for new release announcements.
        Latest version is 1.6 patchlevel 2002/01/09.
 Updated: 06/1997
 Contact:  mailto:[email protected] (Dave Dykstra)

 What: Postilion
 Description: Mail User Agent based on TkRat, with a different user interface.
        Supports MIME, virtual folders, PGP, Unix file, MH, POP and IMAP mail
        support.  Current version is v0.9.3c.
 Updated: 04/1999
 Contact:  mailto:[email protected]

 What: tkpgp
 Description: Tk interface to the cryptology tool PGP.
        Can take input from Tk clipboard or files.  Places text into
        the clipboard for pasting.  It requires at least Tk 4.2 and PGP v2.6.2.
        Preliminary support for Windows.  Works better under Windows 95
        than Windows 3.1.  Currently at version 1.11.
 Updated: 11/1997
 Contact:  mailto:[email protected] (also ?)

Also keep in mind the possibility of use of command-line utilities:

    exec gnupgp ...

you should use now gpg on the command line. to get gpg go to: