This package provides a cross-platform Tcl wrapper around the gpg binary from the "Gnu Privacy Guard" [L1 ] project providing for several basic operations:

  • Digitally signing messages.
  • Verification of digital signatures.
  • Encryption/decryption of messages.

The project was started to fulfill the need of using PGP in tkabber while ditching the tclgpgme package which provides Tcl bindings to the GPGME library [L2 ] (written in C) which, in turn, is a wrapper around the gpg binary. tclgpgme is unmaintained and its current version is far out of sync with the current version of GPGME.


The project is hosted at .

Currently it's in an "alpha" stage so there's no release tarballs yet. On the other hand the code already works OK for tkabber.


This package requires support for creation of standalone pipes in Tcl, so it requires Tcl >= 8.6 with its chan pipe command or any version of Tcl with either Tclx or tclpipe package available.