Peter F Whyte

I really stumbled across Tcl/Tk in September 2006 when I was looking at Python to replace M$ Access as a database development tool for my clients. I came across Clif Flynt's BOOK: Tcl/Tk: A Developer's Guide and Mark Harrison's & Michael McLennan's Effective Tcl/Tk Programming in the university library here in Belfast (N Ireland, not N Zealand, or elsewhere). I took an instant liking to the concepts of the language, having dabbled in Smalltalk (teaching it on a now defunct OU course for several years). I'm looking to hook in a Firebird back end if I get the hang of creating more than a single script. I've been playing around with GRIDPLUS2 as it seems to simplify the layout of widgets greatly.

I've been reading this wiki since I stumbled on it in Google shortly after starting to read the books. Maybe I'll get round to posting something original when I get a bit more under my belt.