Plotchart gallery

Arjen Markus (30 may 2007)

For testing and exhibiting the features of Plotchart, I have a small set of programs. They are all part of the CVS repository, so for the most recent versions, I will refer you to the Tklib project.

For the moment, I have not included all the code here (just laziness and lack of time), but perhaps I will do so later.

Gallery of Plotchart features

Not all features are shown yet:

  • Stripcharts and isometric plots are missing
  • Grid lines (ticklines)
  • Legends
  • Numerous options (like background colours)

Example of how to create one of the pictures:

# Create the canvas widget and the XY plot
# (the right axis derives certain properties from the original plot!)
# Important:
# Set the extremes for the axis

package require Plotchart

canvas .c  -background white -width 400 -height 200
pack .c -fill both

set s [::Plotchart::createXYPlot .c {0.0 100.0 10.0} {0.0 100.0 20.0}]
set r [::Plotchart::createRightAxis .c {0.0 0.1 0.01}]

# Add the data to the plot
set xd    5.0
set yd   20.0
set xold  0.0
set yold 50.0

$s dataconfig series1 -colour "red"
$s dataconfig series2 -colour "blue"
$s dataconfig series3 -colour "magenta"

for { set i 0 } { $i < 20 } { incr i } {
    set xnew [expr {$xold+$xd}]
    set ynew [expr {$yold+(rand()-0.5)*$yd}]
    set ynew2 [expr {$yold+(rand()-0.5)*2.0*$yd}]
    $s plot series1 $xnew $ynew
    $s plot series2 $xnew $ynew2
    $s trend series3 $xnew $ynew2
    set xold $xnew
    set yold $ynew

# Some "intervals" and other things to show that Plotchart can
# do that too
$s interval series2 50.0 40.0 60.0 52.0
$s interval series2 60.0 40.0 60.0

$s xtext "X-coordinate"
$s ytext "Y-data"
$r ytext "Right axis"
$s title "Aha!"

# Some data for the right axis
$r dataconfig right -type both -symbol circle -colour green
$r plot right 10.0 0.01
$r plot right 30.0 0.03
$r plot right 40.0 0.02

# Save the picture
tkwait visibility .c
$s saveplot ""

XY-plots, polar plot and piechart

WikiDbImage xypolar.JPG

WikiDbImage symbols.JPG

Histogram and R-chart

WikiDbImage histogram.JPG

WikiDbImage rchart.JPG


WikiDbImage vertbars.JPG

WikiDbImage horizbars.JPG

WikiDbImage 3dbars.JPG

Gantt chart

WikiDbImage gantt.jpg

Radial charts

WikiDbImage radial.JPG

Contour lines and filled contours

WikiDbImage contour1.JPG

WikiDbImage contour2.JPG

WikiDbImage contour3.JPG

WikiDbImage hotcolours.JPG

WikiDbImage coolcolours.JPG

WikiDbImage gray_jet_lines.JPG

3D Plots

WikiDbImage 3dplots.JPG

WikiDbImage 3dcontour.JPG

Vectors and dots

WikiDbImage arrows_dots.JPG

WikiDbImage dipole.JPG