Scotty is a Tcl extension for network management with support for SNMP.

I've found scotty to be the most impressive snmp package of any language I've been able to locate, for any language. It's powerful and easy to use. I've been using it at work for around 4 years, and I can't say enough positive things about it.
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Cameron Laird's personal notes on Scotty


Current information appears on the "Tnm/Scotty/TkInEd" Wiki page.

CLN: On 2006-09-29, the tkined mailing list carried this message from Juergen Schoenwaelder:


the scotty/tkined web page did disappear a while ago and it took my
some time to decide what to do about it.

I finally decided to run a trac server (mainly for other purposes) at
the place I am working now and so it is easy now also host some pages
concerning the scotty package. It might take some time until pointers
get updated and google learns about the new home. So you have to
remember the URL for now:

(You might get a warning from your browser that the certificate name
does not match the name of the site; simply press "accept" in this

The side features a trouble ticket system - perhaps this might prove
to be useful (we will see).

Is Scotty healthy? Here's what Juergen wrote at the end of January 2002: "Seriously, I am only occasionally using Tnm at the moment myself and hence there is little forward progress. On the other hand, the stuff people are using seems to work relatively well and if someone reports a real bug which is easy to fix, then a fix is going into the CVS version relatively quickly. There are of course things I would do different these days - but since I am not regularily using Tnm at the moment, there is little energy to work on improving things. (And the people using Tnm probably like this since it gives real stability. ;-)

The 2 year thing is that I never managed to get 3.0 out of the door and hence the official version described on the Web page is still 2.1.X, even though many people are using 3.0 snapshots and putting them in distributions. In retrospect, I should have released 3.0 two years ago even though I felt it is not ready at that time since the current situation is just confusing."

Yes, Scotty is healthy, in the sense that plenty of people are putting it to quite serious uses. As Ashwin Baskaran has written, even without updates, "Scotty is as 'commercial quality' as it gets."

See also "Scotty in 2003" and "Scotty in 2004".

The above URLs seem to point to a version of scotty that is 2+ years old. Is it compatible with Tcl 8.4 ?

Also note that when Scotty installs, it installs a man page called dns.n - which clobbers the man page installed by tcllib .

PT: That's probably fine really. If you have got Scotty then you probably want to use the dns code from this package rather than the tcllib one :) In fact, the tcllib dns package should defer to scotty's implementation is present - but I do this work on windows and don't have a useful installation of Scotty/Tmn.

< reply to 8.4 compatibility question > Yes, the CVS version of scotty works with Tcl/Tk 8.4

CLN 2005-11-15 - I'm told the repository has moved to Subversion:

   juergen switched to svn, so please use:

      svn co

   taken from:

MJ: For all interested in a build that will work with Tcl 8.5 on Windows, I have created a stubs enabled build that at least can send and receive SNMP traps, so it seems to work (no guarantees though). It can be downloaded from [L1 ]

WK: On 2006-06-12 I managed to find an issue on Ubuntu (I think) with Scotty. The problem was that scotty did not launch, and the solution is that TnmMkDir() (in tnm/generic/tnmUtil.c) uses errno which is causing problems. The solution is to make it call Tcl_FSCreateDirectory(). A patch has been sent to Juergen so hopefully it will be in the SVN version soon.

A dialogue from 2006 which bears on Scotty's status appears here [L2 ].

Brent Bice published "Network Diagramming and Monitoring with Scotty" in the January 2002 edition of System Administration [L3 ]. Along with the basics of installation and use of Scotty as an application, it presents use of custom MIBs.


dkf 2011-12-14 10:52:41:

[14:51]   mjanssen      There is a Tcl extension specifically for SNMP
[14:51]   mjanssen
[14:51]   <herdingcat>  thanks mate
[14:56]   mjanssen      it needs some minor changes to compile for 8.5+ though
[15:32]   mjanssen      hmm a bit more changes than minor
[15:36]   mjanssen      scotty could really use some TLC although a lot of the functionallity it provides can be provide in plain Tcl (even more so if UDP is in the core)


  • OpenSuse Linux distro has scotty binary and sources (working !) in standard repository.
  • I already have build some snmp poller script which diretly updates RRD files using [L4 ]
  • I am interested to contribute to a scotty refactoring if there is a project leader. Please contact me at fred dot maison at gmail dot com