Scotty in 2004

For years now, Scotty has rarely been maintained. However, it was so superior in, say, 2000, that it still remains popular and is widely used in even commercial, "mission-critical" applications. Perhaps its most palpable deterioration is in source and binary repositories, which seem monotonically to be falling away. CL no longer can easily find downloadable 3.0. I favor 3.0, even though Juergen calls it "alpha"; that simply reflects Juergen's high standards. For my part, I find it more useful and reliable than anything from the 2.x series.

In any case, when I need 3.0 sources, I use anonymous CVS, as Jürgen's page [L1 ] describes it (use password "anoncvs"):

    cvs -d ":pserver:[email protected]:/anoncvs" login
    cvs -d ":pserver:[email protected]:/anoncvs" checkout scotty

CLN - Well, in 2005 (14 Nov 2005, to be exact), those links give:

   # cvs -d ":pserver:[email protected]:/anoncvs" login
   Logging in to :pserver:[email protected]:2401/anoncvs
   CVS password: 
   Unknown host

I'm told Scotty has moved to Subversion:

   juergen switched to svn, so please use:

     svn co

   taken from:

I had placed my last snapshot from 26 may 2005 at UK

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