During February, 1998, John Ousterhout left Sun to create Scriptics, a company dedicated to scripting tools, applications, and services.

During May, 2000, Scriptics changed their name to Ajuba Solutions.

Note that as of November, 2000, Interwoven bought Ajuba Solutions and hosted, briefly, one of the web's Tcl resource web sites, the Tcl Developer Xchange. This web resource is now hosted by ActiveState at , with a safer long term PURL to use [ ], or, for a less oyster-oriented name [LV Of course hopefully all readers realize that Persistent URLs, or PURL, have NOTHING to do with the programming language Perl, OR the products of oysters (pearls), OR the one-time famous singer Pearl Bailey] , . Interwoven does not produce (obviously) Tcl/Tk products.

In a debate in 1998, Richard Stallman and John Ousterhout were talking about the relationship of profit and open source [L1 ]. This led Stallman to call Scriptics a "parasite". He also said: "I don't think Scriptics is necessary for the continued existence of Tcl". He was right and Tcl is alive and well today!

CL published several articles [L2 ] on Scriptics.