Sep 2023 Tcl Meetup notes

Sep 2023 Tcl Meetup Notes

Possible topics:

  • Interactive version of the tutorial on the Wiki
  • Status of documentation project
  • Status of NextTcl / LSP

APN My notes from the meet.

  • Arjen demoed a standalone interactive version of the tutorial. Next step is to make it available for download.
  • Maksym (max) showed the rebranded look of the Tcl web site and documentation. Work in progress but nevertheless looked really nice, modern and streamlined.
  • The discussion led to the possibility of a new logo for Tcl. Obviously, something that has to thrown out to a broader audience for ideas.
  • Maksym also spoke about his plans for a package repository for Tcl. Still in the gestational phase. There was a brief discussion about Tin and possibly coordinating so as to not duplicate effort.
  • Julian pointed out a number of long standing issues with Tcl path handling, in terms of correctness (particularly dealing with Windows volumes) and efficiency (as the internal representation gets thrown away with shimmering back and forth between the path and string representations). Something to be tackled subsequently once the Tcl 9 beta is out.

The discussion around rebranding for Tcl 9, and the progress there with the web site, logo and a spiffed up introductory tutorial got me quite chuffed!