Sixteenth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (2009) Discussion

This page is for discussing topics relating to the Sixteenth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (2009).

Off-site events

DKF: 2009-08-18: It's still not confirmed that I'll be coming at all (I have an important meeting the same week) but if I do come, I'll probably stay a bit beyond the end (it's much cheaper if I can stay over a Saturday night…)

hat0: other fun things to do: take the max from the conference hotel to the old town/chinatown stop and walk a few blocks to Fong Chong for some fantastic dim sum

gerry a must-see in Portland -- for all book lovers

SRIV Plans to arrange a nightly outing to observe and critique the local strip clubs.

JJM FYI, I will be driving my car to the conference. I have a sedan that can seat 3 other people comfortably or 4 other people non-comfortably.

Sunday, 09-27

makr 2009-08-18: As I will arrive late at Saturday already I was thinking about to book a day-tour around Mount Hood and resort to a Microwbrewery tour in the evening if the weather is not good for a hike through the nature. If there are more people interested please leave a message here, maybe we can get some discount. The company offering these tours also has some other options available, see here:

CMcC is not so keen on *eco* tours. Hell, I'm a tourist, I want to cause as much environmental degradation as humanly possible before I head back home!

bsg Walk to Defeat ALS [L1 ] - This is a great way to see the beautiful waterfront of Portland on foot and to meet lots of wonderful people. Please read the message from by friend Steve Sall [L2 ] to understand why we walk. I'll be there Sunday to walk with Steve's Wobbly Knees! -Brian

Friday, 10-02

stevel A group is planning to head to McMinnville on Friday afternoon (Oct 2) for to visit the Spruce Goose [L3 ] - i.e. an Aviation BOF! Please keep this in mind in your travel planning. bsg Afterwards, dinner at McMenamins Pub in McMinnville [L4 ].

AMG: I wish I was there right now... I'll do everything I can to make it to next year's conference. Is it too soon to ask where it will be held?

DKF: It's not too soon to ask, but it is too soon for us to answer. We've not asked for volunteers yet, and a lot depends on being able to find a location with a Reasonably Priced Hotel (given our requirements) and a Tcler nearby to act as site-chair.

But it probably won't be on the West Coast next year. That was this time. My guess is that Mid-West or South will get it next as we've been moving between regions on a 3-4 year cycle in the past few years.