Sixteenth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (2009)

Basic Information

WhenSeptember 28 - October 2, 2009
WhereRed Lion Hotel/Conference Center ,
Portland, Oregon, United States
Email Contact[email protected]
Site ChairClif Flynt
Program ChairAndreas Kupries
ByTcl Association @
ProceedingsPrinted at the Tcl Association Press @ Lulu
Online at the Tcl Community Association


  • Preliminary proceedings can now be purchased at the Tcl Association Press Store: By January author final changes will be incorporated and some layout problems fixed resulting in the final book.


Audio and Video feeds were available for remote participation.

Keynote Speaker

This year's keynote speaker will be Frank Hayes. Frank has been active in the IT arena since his first S-100 Buss CP/M system. He's been an industry watcher and columnist for ComputerWorld for several years, and his blog is at [L1 ]. Frank will address the topic "What is the future for small languages?".

Special Guest

Arjen Markus will be our special guest this year. Arjen is well-known to the folks on the Tcler's Chat, frequent contributor to the wiki, and author of many useful tools. Arjen helped form the Dutch Tcl User's Group, and has been a presenter at some of the Tcl Europe conferences. Any time spent with him is time well spent.

Invited Talk

Jeff Hobbs, Tcl/Tk Release Manager, Tcl Core Team member, and Director of Languages at ActiveState will give his annual "The (Active)State of Tcl''' address, outlining where Tcl is now, and where it will be soon.



  • The Use of Tcl/Tk in the AnatLab Virtual Anatomy Laboratory - Cyndy Lilagan, Mike Doyle, Steve Huntley, Steve Landers
  • Networked Digital Whiteboard with Handwritten-Symbol Interpreter and Dynamic-Display-Object Creator - Atsuhide Kobashi

GUIs and IDEs

  • Using incr Tcl to improve stability of an Emulation debug GUI - A Case Study - Ruchir Agarwal, Prashant Thakre, Manu Goel, Maneesh Agarwal
  • Model Sim GUI - Ron Wold

Numerical Applications

  • A computational framework for flood risk assessment in the Netherlands - Arjen Markus
  • A Tcl/Tk Add-on Script for Large Meshing Software - Wenny Wang

Applied Coroutines

  • Comit's CVXT tool - Venkat Iyer
  • Wub, Coros, Dicts and Objects - Colin McCormack

Networked Applications

  • Tools for Developing, Distributing and Using Tcl/Tk Applications over the World Wide Web - Keith Nash, A.J. Simons
  • An overview of two key Stargus technologies - secure authentication and shared storage - Steve Huntley, Steve Landers, Mike Doyle, Cyndy Lilagan

Tcl and the Common Language Runtime

  • Eagle: Tcl Integration with the CLR - Joe Mistachkin

OO Programming with Tcl

  • TclOO: Past, Present and Future - Donal Fellows
  • OO Best Practices and Frameworks - Sean Woods
  • Xotcl 2.0 A 10 yr Retrospective and Outlook - Stefan Sobernig, Gustaf Neuman


  • Introduction to Tcl - Ken Jones
  • Building User Interfaces with Tk - Ken Jones
  • Advanced Tk: Improving GUI Appearance - Jeff Hobbs
  • Advanced Tcl/Tk: (dicts, packages, namespaces & more) - Clif Flynt
  • Web Services with Tcl/Tk - Gerald Lester
  • Embedding C in Tcl with Critcl - Steve Landers

Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions

  • Debugging with Tkcon - Jeff Hobbs
  • Safe Interpreters - Keith Nash
  • Fixing C Access to Bignums - Don Porter and Kevin Kenny
  • The AlcoBOF - various - bring your favourite tipple from your local region

Experts who have confirmed attendance

  • Jeff Hobbs: The Tcl Guy, Lead Developer at ActiveState and more
  • Clif Flynt: Author of Tcl/Tk: A Developer's Guide
  • Ken Jones: Author of Practical Programming in Tcl/Tk AND upcoming Tcl/Tk Toolkit (Second Revision)
  • Steve Landers: StarKit and Critcl co-developer
  • Mike Doyle: Chairman of Eolas Technologies Inc
  • Arjen Markus: Developer of Fortran-To-Tcl and other nifty tools.
  • Colin McCormack: Wub designer and Wiki-Meister
  • Brian Griffin: Engineering Manager at Mentor Graphics, GUI expert and guide to the delights of Portland
  • Steve Redler IV: expert in industrial automation using Tcl
  • Donal Fellows: University of Manchester, Tcl Core Team member, TclOO expert
  • Donald Porter: NIST Engineer, Tcl Core Team member
  • Andreas Kupries: ActiveState Developer, Tcl Core Team member
  • Tomasz Kosiak: Leader in the Tcl GSoC involvement
  • Radoslaw Szulgo: GSoC Student Guest
  • Sean Woods: The Hypnotoad Returns... (in joke, actually Sean is an expert in the deployment of Tcl in education and defence environments)
  • Kevin Kenny, Tcl Core Team member

Jobs Board

There will be a jobs board again. If you are interested in hiring a Tcl/Tk expert or two, or are looking for new engagement, either show up with your announcement ready to tack on the board, or send email to [email protected].

Registration Information

More information on the conference is available the conference Web site [L2 ] and will be published on various Tcl/Tk-related information channels.

To keep in touch with news regarding the conference and Tcl events in general, subscribe to the tcl-announce list. See [L3 ] to subscribe to the tcl-announce mailing list.

Conference Committee

Brian Griffin Mentor Graphics Facilities Coordination
Clif Flynt Noumena Corp General Chair, Website Admin
Ron Fox NSCL Michigan State University Program Chair
Arjen Markus Deltares
Cyndy Lilagan Iomas Research, LLC
Mike Doyle Iomas Research, LLC
Gerald Lester KnG Consulting, LLC
Donal Fellows University of Manchester
Jeffrey Hobbs ActiveState Corp
Steve Landers Digital Smarties
Joe Mistachkin Mistachkin Systems
Kevin Kenny GE Global Research Center
Ken Jones Avia Training
Sheila Miguez mVerify
Larry Virden Tcl FAQ Maintainer
Andreas Kupries ActiveState Corp

Contact Information

[email protected]


Tcl 2009 would like to thank those who are sponsoring the conference:

ActiveState Software Inc.
Noumena Corp.
SR Technology
Mentor Graphics
Tcl Community Association


Sixteenth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (2009) Discussion


Radek's at [L4 ]. If you have any complaints or you don't want a photo be published, contact [email protected]

AK's at [L5 ]. If you have any complaints or you don't want a photo be published, contact [email protected]

stevel's Portland photos at [L6 ] and photos from the excursion to the Evergreen Air Museum at McMinnville are at [L7 ]

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