What: Menu Edit tool
 Where: ftp://www.tcl.tk/pub/tcl/misc/menued09.tar.gz
 Description: GUI interface to edit menus.  Runs stand alone and will be
        a plugin for SpecTcl in the future.
 Updated: 08/1998
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Ken Corey)

 What: SpecTcl/SpecJava/specPerl
 Where: http://spectcl.sourceforge.net/
 Description: GUI builder for Tcl/Tk.
        Supports WYSIWYG drag and drop interface,
        ability to support new Tk widgets automatically, with simple
        access to generated code.
        The licensing for SpecTcl 1.1 is similar to Tcl/Tk core.  
        The the source is available and the product is free.  No future
        releases are planned, and no support is available from Sun.
        Documentation in PostScript and PDF format are available.
        Versions for Unix, Windows and Macintosh are available.
        specJava is also distributed with the package.  
        This application uses the same user interface, but generates
        Java instead of Tcl/Tk.
        specPerl is a set of add-on files by Mark Kvale that allow
        Perl/Tk code to be generated by the same interface, after
        installing pTk.  It requires specTcl 1.1, pTk 4.02.002 and perl 5.
        The python URL is a Python script to convert SpecTcl tcl output
        to Python Tkinter format.
        The Digital URL is to code which creates a specPython executable
        which is compatible with SpecTcl 1.0 or SpecJava 0.3.
        SpecTcl is now at version 1.2a3 .
 Updated: 10/2001
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]
        mailto:[email protected]

 What: Spectix
 Where: http://starship.python.net/crew/mike/Spectix/
 Description: Development environment to build GUI applications that run
        cross platform.  Design GUIs interactively and graphically.
        Based on SpecTcl, and using Tix widgets.
        Generates code for Tcl/Tk, Perl/Tk, Python/Tkinter, and Ruby.
        Currently at version 1.4 .
 Updated: 02/2002
 Contact: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=142715


SpecTcl is a GUI builder

Not to be confused with NSCL SpecTcl


In 2007 , ActiveState removed the GUI Builder portion of Komodo and released the code as a BSD licensed open source program, placing the code back into the SpecTcl project.


Stephen Uhler originally designed SpecTcl to generate Perl and Java source, also.

Larry Virden doesn't recall the original SpecTcl being designed to generate Perl and Java source. What he recalls is that after specTcl came out, Mark Kvale from the perl/Tk community made the patches for perl support and later Stephen Uhler announced the availability of specJava; Larry is just uncertain who wrote the specJava code. Also Larry's been known to have lapses of memory before :-0 ...

Jacob Levy 2002-11/15 Stephen Uhler did write SpecTcl when we were together at Sun Labs' SunScript business unit.

In April 2001, Morten Skaarup Jensen plans to move SpecTcl to SourceForge [L1 ]. In the meantime, Mark Kvale maintains information about SpecTcl (including SpecPerl and SpecRuby) at [L2 ].

Tue 07:22, 2003-01-28: The Java code has now been updated to run with the latest version of java. The latest additions are in the CVS. Any info about the new Java code can be given by me, Daryl Moulder ([email protected]).

HJG 2005-11-11: I installed and briefly tested the 'old' SpecTcl 1.1. SpecTcl installs a minimal Tcl 8.0 'for its own use', without checking for an existing installation of Tcl, and registers wish80.exe for *.tcl. As a sideeffect, all tcl-scripts using recent features (8.1 - 8.4) cease to run...