StarPack helper

I made a little starpack helper, that incorporates ML Editor, SDX, tkcon and both tclkit for windows and linux just like a tiny TCL development environment

  • ML added feature:
    • Wrap for windows
    • Wrap for linux
  • New commands:
sdx opt1 opt2 .... (you can learn to use sdx in some other article XD)

qspack scriptname outbinaryfilename ?platform?

tkcon [show/hide]

so with one file you can crosscompile for two platforms


you have a file called x.tcl

  1. open it in the ML that will start from devkit.kit
  2. then you want to add a a file for the app
  3. make a dir called x_app near x.tcl and put files into it
  4. then you want to add packages too
  5. make a dir called x_lib near x.tcl and put the packages directories into it
  6. when you go in menu Starpack and press Wrap to Windows EXE
  7. it will make a starpack exactly as you want

maybe you wont need to use sdx anymore

but if you need sdx just type in tk console: (example)

sdx qwrap x.ctl

and it will use its internal sdx

maybe u would like to use cmdline to make your starpacks or use sdx from cmdline

just use for example

devkit.exe qspack x.tcl o.exe ?platform?

devkit.exe sdx unwrap x.kit

devkit.exe [any tcl command you like]

note that qspack can be used from tk console

some elite member here could help me write a more good thing than this because i'm not english


I would like to know if it's useful or not

if any bug is present

or something that i should do to make it better :)

or just type some random comment XD

pcam 06/05/2009 Just had a quick run through. Personally I think it goes in the right direction and goes a long way to make the production of ready to run binaries for multiple platforms really easy. An added feature I would love to see is the ability to build starpacks with any additional tcl packages and even better with binary packages (e.g. tdom). Great work, and I shall be using it my current tool development.

JR :) you could actually add your tcl packages, just make a directory called urscriptwithoutextenction_lib and put your packages in that dir

ZipGuy 2012-Jul-23: Hi there I'm back (click on the ZipGuy link if you want to know what I've been up to). My website is . If you go there, click on 'My Tcl Desktop' and download the latest version of ml124.kit , which has almost the same features but a little different. It's a better more advanced version of ML. Notice the status bar which has been added for example:

See ML - Heavily Modified & Improved for more information. I like what you've done but don't understand what you did to ML or what you're using. I'd like you to email me a copy of the modified source code so I can have a look at it (ml.tcl). Or even better you could send me an address like which contains some kit that I can unpack, if you could.

Right now it seems like a black box to me. I know you use qspack but what's that for example? Did you write it?

Send it to: zipguypub @ thefreesite dot com please change the dot to a ".".

Zipguy (2013-01-19) - I tried running getting, which unzipped to devkit.exe and devkit. I ran devkit.exe and it was a standalone version of MLv1.20. It did have the Starpack menu, with both "Wrap to Windows EXE" and "Wrap to Unix binary". I loaded wfs.tcl, which was in a Starkit dir, asked it to "Wrap to Windows EXE", and it did produce wsf.exe. It did run as expected. It should because it is only one self-contained .tcl file. I tried it on ml.tcl which was the original stock version MLv1.11 and had 2 files it needed. It did produce ml.exe. It did work. Then I moved it to another directory (which was devkit) and tried again to run it. It did produce an error, as in:

which meant that it needed combobox.tcl (and supertext.tcl) in external files. That was the way Peter Cambell had originally written it. I tried both ml.tcl and ml.kit, and got similar error message, like above.

ml.exe made from the .tcl, produced the message:

ml.exe made from the .kit, produced the message:

So I don't find it useful, without some better instructions. I wish I could understand it, or produce a stand alone starpack with it. I wrote all the modifications to ml.tcl, about 30k of them to add to the original 50k. It's now about 80k just for ml.tcl.

I would love to have an email address for you JR. You could send it to: zipguypub9 @ thefreesite dot com please change the dot to a ".".