hey, I'm Strick. I've been using TCL since version 6.something.

My flagship is The Yak:

This server is all TCL: -- Someday I'll tell you more about it, and other TCL conspiracies I'm involved in.

Did you ever find anything about a safe-interpreter in XOTcl? - BenThomasson No, I didn't... <Strick<

Apparently this works:

  % package req XOTcl
  % interp create -safe slave
  % load "" xotcl slave
  % slave eval ::xotcl::Object o1

- BenThomasson

2006-05-08: ParentheTcl release 0.5.1 now availabe; see . Please try it!

2006-09-20: Interning a String