Stubsification of Expect

Purpose: to discuss the strategy to move forward in implementing Expect support for the Tcl Stubs standard library support.

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stevel ... I beg to differ. In May 2000 I stubified expect 5.31.7 (with some assistance from Dave Engel) so that I could dynamically load expect as a package within a scripted document.

I also submitted the patch to the old Scriptics CVS repository (id 923) and the notification was automatically posted to comp.lang.tcl.

If anyone is interested, the modified files are at and the original versions are in (I really should turn these into a patch).

I've since made the patches available to David Gravereaux who is looking at the Expect NT port.

If anyone is interested, I can make available builds for Linux and Solaris Sparc.

Steve has also passed his work on to Don, tclguy and Clif.

This is a big issue for anyone using TclKit, Starkit, ...

"Anyway, the expect 5.31 source and the modified files are under

  • expect.tar.gz
  • expect-bits.tar.gz

The expect-bits.tar.gz files aren't diffs (I never got round to it) but the changes are minimal. I haven't tested this using a recent tclkit/ starkit ... but it has been working for two years in production scripted documents."

So, since Expect is a SourceForge project, will anyone be stepping forward to upgrade the CVS repository of source to Stubs? And perhaps TEA2 as well?

AK: The CVS head of Expect is stubsified in the sense of being aware of the Tcl stub-table. It does not export its own stub-table. Nor is it TEA2. [Is this as of, say, May 2003?]

AK: No, as of Tcl Dev Kit 2.5., i.e. February 2003.

LV: What are the starkit implications of this state - can Expect be put loaded from a starkit?

stevel: Yes - definitely

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