TkReplay is a record and replay system for Tcl/Tk. is the paper Charles presented at the 1995 Tcl/Tk Workshop.

 What: TkReplay
 Description: Provides a Tk record and replay facility for your Tk program.
        Adds a WarpPointer command as well.
        See for more detail.
 Updated: 10/1998
 Contact:  mailto:[email protected]  (Charlie Crowley)

As of July 2002, Shawn (?) has big ambitions--progress beyond 8.0, more automation, widget browser, ...--for TkReplay.

BOOK Tcl/Tk Tools devotes a chapter to TkReplay.

Is TkReplay available for Windows environment, and where can I get the TkReplay?

Last year it was. Clif Flynt had a presentation about it at last year's conference. The paper is at . The paper says a snapshot is available at which today gives 404 not found (10Jun2005).

Clif has some pages at and , but I don't see a reference to TkReplay at either site.

Dec 2011: Found another working link for version 1.0b1 here: