TMML is an XML DTD designed for the documentation of Tcl, Tk, and other Tcl extensions.

Home page: .

Up-to-date HTML formatted versions of the Tcl, Tk, and tcllib documentation generated from the SourceForge CVS repository by way of TMML can be found at [L1 ], along with a full-text index here: [L2 ]

Joe English also mentions .

TMML is based on Richard Hipp's original work converting the Tcl 8.0 documentation set to XML for the TclBlast! CD, which can be found at is the web site which discusses more about the effort. Also, see for web based versions of the Tcl and Tk 8.0 man pages.

What: TMML
Description: TMML is a proposed XML DTD for the Tcl/Tk documentation set. The distribution includes the DTD, XSL style sheets for converting TMML to HTML, and man2tmml for converting the Tcl man pages to XML.
Currently at version 0.6r2 .
Updated: 12/2001
Contact: Joe English has a short step by step explanation, how to use the TMML tools and tDOM, to process TMML written documentation to man pages and HTML pages.

See also robodoc.

Some alternatives to TMML are WinHelp format, HTML, nroff man pages, PDF, DocBook SGML, and tcllib's doctools, accessible via dtp.