What tanzer
Where http://tanzer.io/
Description "A very serious, industrial web framework for Tcl". See the web site for documentation, examples and the Git repository.
Prerequisites Tcl 8.6.
Updated 12/2014
License MIT

dbohdan 2014-10-12: Interesting! I assume the the name is a reference to Perl's Dancer . It would be nice if the developer added a more detailed overview of this framework to the web framework comparison matrix.

xan 2014-10-12: It sure is named after Dancer! However, one of the big draws of tanzer is that it doesn't expect a request handler to read the entire request nor response in one single go, which should hopefully allow for much better performing web applications without standing in one's way much.

Janka 2014-12-14: Seems the git clone http://tanzer.io/git/tanzer.git is broken. It loads half an archive, then

$ git clone http://tanzer.io/git/tanzer.git
Klone nach 'tanzer'...
error: Failed to connect to tanzer.io port 80: Connection timed out (curl_result = 7, http_code = 0, sha1 = c66188e2ac8e0e305c5236a3b4fd5afc2b31c66b)
error: Unable to find c66188e2ac8e0e305c5236a3b4fd5afc2b31c66b under http://tanzer.io/git/tanzer.git
Cannot obtain needed blob c66188e2ac8e0e305c5236a3b4fd5afc2b31c66b
while processing commit f3a6bcee35df992aa1addaebb3c3aa753ccdf9d0.
error: fetch failed.

xan Re: Janka: What appears to have happened is that cgit (http://git.zx2c4.com/cgit/ ) was causing problems due to objects in its own cache being inconsistent with the state of the authoritative repository after I had ran 'git gc' on it. I've also fixed a small (but consequently problematic) typo in lib/tanzer/cgi/handler.tcl which caused problems with CGI responses containing no data. SteveR has kindly tested 'git clone' with multiple concurrent clients to stress test this, and everything works well now. Thanks for bringing this to my attention; please don't hesitate to send me an email or stick around in the future.