Web framework

Frameworks with which you can write web servers/applications in Tcl.

A list of web frameworks for Tcl

Name License Requirements Status Features Description
ActiWeb XOTcl Production-ready, maintained XOTcl based with HTTP server, client, and web framework.
ATWF ? Tcl 8.6, TDBC ? ? An MVC web framework project.
EmberWeb BSD Tcl 8.5 Work in progress, active Routing. A simple plain Tcl Web framework for small systems.
FastWeb proprietary commercial ? Discontinued Appears to be dead.
HereTcl ? Tcl 8.6 ? An effort to strip down Wub to its essentials.
jimhttp MIT Jim Tcl Prototype Pure Jim Tcl HTTP server, routing, templates, JSON generation and parsing, HTML DSL, persistent key-value storage and static variable persistence. A microframework prototype modelled after frameworks like Sinatra and Flask.
Mel's Internet Toolkit ? cgi.tcl Production-ready, last updated in 2010
OpenACS GNU GPL AOLserver or NaviServer, a database Production-ready, maintained The original Tcl web framework. Emphasises building community-oriented web sites and comes with many pre-built packages. Mature and very stable.
Rivetweb Apache Rivet Production-ready plugin handlers can be written separately for different sources of data (DBMS, Web services etc) and different formats/protocols (JSON, simple text...) XML-based templating engine
Spindle ? XOTcl Alpha, last updated in 2011 An MVC-style web framework.
Tanzer MIT TclOO Last updated 2015-12-18. Provides a pattern-based URI router, file service, CGI, SCGI and HTTP dispatcher, and can run as a pure HTTP or SCGI service. tanzer exists to provide an asynchronous web framework and service leveraging the inherent qualities of Tcl's event loop.
Track MIT Tcl 8.5 Work in progress, active Routing, request handling, response generation. Extensible Inspired by Phoenix provides separate libraries to create request -> response pipelines.
Tcl Web Application Framework MIT RivetCGI Production-ready but still in development, last updated in 2011
Wapp BSD Tcl 8.6 In production as of 2018, maintained Complete app in a single TCL file, small easy-to-learn API, CGI or SCGI or HTTP A simple, lightweight yet robust and secure framework for writing web applications implemented as a single file of TCL
Wibble The Tcl/Tk license Tcl 8.6 ? HTTP server, routing (zone handlers), WebSocket, JSON-RPC, SSL Provides routing via zone handlers. HTTP requests and responses are dicts.
Woof! BSD Tcl 8.6 Production-ready, maintained Work over the CGI or SCGI protocols with Microsoft IIS, Apache, Lighttpd and other web servers. Provides infrastructure for views and controllers in a class-based MVC architecture, routing (URLs mapped to controller classes), pluggable template engines, responsive design, themable, page localization. An MVC web framework inspired by Ruby on Rails.
Wub BSD 3-Clause Tcl 8.6 Production-ready, maintained A pure-Tcl web server and framework that uses coroutines. Runs this wiki.


dbohdan 2014-10-03: The table's current format is tentative. Feel free to add new columns for data that you think will help compare the frameworks, e.g., columns for individual features.


Gavino! You Forgot a few:

  • aolserver
  • ossweb
  • naviserver
  • apache rivet
  • apache websh
  • castle

Codru : a Web Framework developed using Tcl and the NX/NSF Next Scripting Framework built and optimized specially for NaviServer.

  • MVC Structure
  • Validation on server and on client side
  • SQL Mapping, Something similar to Active Record
  • RBAC Role Based Authorization Control
  • Caching
  • Multi Language support and detection
  • Huge uploads
  • Command line management
  • Mail integration
  • Builtin Profile and User management
  • Self installer

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