TASHY is short from Tcl Ada SHell Younger. It is a derivate of TASH .

IMPORTANT: TASHY is not compatible with TASH. Here are many breaking changes in the code, thus TASHY should be used only with the new code. At this moment TASHY API should be almost stable. All changes (compared with TASH too) can be found in CHANGELOG.md

The TASHY home page is: https://github.com/thindil/tashy

The library code can be found here: https://thindil.github.io/tashy/

TASHY is the Ada 2012 binding to Tcl/Tk. It allow to use Tcl code in Ada code and vice versa. Included bindings:

  • Tcl - It is the base binding. Allow use Tcl scripts in the Ada code. This binding should be complete but have lack of the code documentation. If you find that something is missing, please open an issue with it.
  • Tk - Requires Tcl binding. Allows use Tk GUI in the Ada code. At this moment it is a low-level binding - mostly works like standard Tcl/Tk commands. Additionally, this binding is still incomplete, but you can use any Tk command/widget by Tcl_Eval or Execute_Widget_Command procedures. This is the main focus of the development at this moment.
  • Tklib - Requires Tcl and Tk bindings. Allows use additional packages for Tk GUI in the Ada code. At this moment it is a low-level binding only to tooltip package. If you want binding to any other package from this library, feel free to open an issue with it.


The Tashy project page is at TASHY .

  • For reporting bugs, submit a github ticket at TASHY