Tcl 2008 Conference Talks

This page contains information about presentations presentations given at Tcl2008.


Tcl Database Connectivity, by Kevin Kenny

Meta Discussion

Lars H: I suspect it would be better to have a category for talks in general, since in a few years very few people will remember that it was 2008 the talk about that very interesting topic was given… What I'm unsure about is what that category should be called:

  • Category Talk sound like "it's all talk".
  • Category Talks is probably clearer.
  • Category Conference Talks is clearer still, but perhaps a bit restrictive (not all talks are given at a conference).

Other suggestions, anyone? Is there some term that might be better than "talk"?

DKF: I turned it into a category just to make it easier to get the talks pages categorized. Feel free to make improvements.