TCL 2008 Conference

The official page here is Fifteenth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (2008)

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See Tcl A/V Feed for the location of the live A/V feed for the conference.

The conference proceedings can be ordered at . The conference proceedings are ISBN 978-0-578-00296-5. More proceedings are available through the Tcl Community Association @ lulu .

Photos from the conference can be found online at and

On October 20-24, 2008, the city of Manassas, VA played host to Tcl 2008. Join us for what promises to be a memorable, informative and fun conference.

Tcl 2008 was held at the Comfort Suites in Manassas, VA; about 30 miles outside of Washington, DC. Tutorial sessions on various topics were held October 20 and 21. The technical sessions ran October 22 through October 24.

If you are a student check out the special student rates at the conference website and click the Registration link

If you have an interesting Tcl paper to contribute, a tutorial to offer, a suggestion to give, submit it to the Tcl 2008 program commitee: "tcl2008 at tcl dot tk". Pretty much anything Tcl/Tk is acceptable. In the past we have had papers on:

  • Application of Tcl/Tk in industries as diverse as engineering, science, industrial controls, broadcasting, financial services, medical and electronic design
  • Networking with Tcl/Tk, including distributed applications and network management
  • Object frameworks for Tcl/Tk
  • New widgets and techniques for GUI design with Tk
  • Simulation and application steering with Tcl/Tk
  • Tcl/Tk on handheld and embedded devices
  • New Tcl extensions and add-ons, including Tcllib and Tklib
  • Tcl/Tk centric operating environments
  • Tcl/Tk in education and learning environments.

This year is the first year that the Tcl community is participating in the Google Summer of Code. The conference program committee would like to encourage submissions that report on the Tcl projects selected for Google SOC 2008.

Author Schedule:

  • Submit abstracts and tutorial proposals to Tcl2008 at Tcl dot tk by August 15, 2008
  • Authors will be informed of acceptance by September 7
  • Author materials should be submitted to the proceedings editor by October 15, 2008

This year we will be making the conference proceedings available as a published book. This may impact our plans for when author materials must be submitted. Watch future call for participation for more.

Tcl 2008 provides an unparalleled opportunity to discuss your Tcl projects with some of the world's top Tcl experts. Past conferences have included notables like:

  • Jeff Hobbs: The Tcl Guy and ActiveState's point man for Tcl development and support.
  • Clif Flynt: Author of Tcl/Tk: A Developer's Guide, as well as the popular TclTutor application.
  • Donal Fellows: Author of TclOO. (I won't make it this time; I have to stay at work and teach. I am not at all happy about that…)
  • Miguel Sofer: Tcl Core team member and byte code compiler expert.
  • D. Richard Hipp:, Tcl Core Team member and author of sqlite.
  • Mike Doyle: Director of Eolas.
  • Joe English:, Author of the ttk toolkit also known as Tile
  • Sean "Hypnotoad" Woods: author of that other Tao.
  • Wil Duquette: Author of the popular snit object oriented extension and megawidget toolkit.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Jeff Hobbs will present the annual ActiveState of Tcl talk.

Conference Committee:

Local Site:

Sean Woods Test and Evaluation Solutions LLC Facilities chair
Clif Flynt Noumena Corp. General Chair

Program Committee:

Sean Woods Test and Evaluations Solutions LLC
Clif Flynt Noumena Corp.
Steve Redler IV SR Technology
Steve Landers Digital Smarties
Cyndy Lilagan Iomas Research
Kevin B. Kenny G.E. Global Research Center.
Jeffrey Hobbs ActiveState Software Inc.
Andreas Kupries ActiveState Software Inc.
Ron Fox NSCL Michigan State University
Donal Fellows University of Manchester
Larry Virden Tcl FAQ Maintainer
Mike Doyle Iomas Research
Matthew M. Burke George Washington University
Gerald Lester TicketSwitch USA LLC
Richard Suchenwirth Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services Postal Automation Division


Tcl 2008 would like to thank those who are sponsoring the conference:

  • ActiveState Software Inc.
  • Noumena Corp.
  • SR Technology
  • Tcl Association