Tcl A/V Feed

Tcl Conference Live A/V feed

This page holds the latest information about the A/V feed from the Sixteenth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (2009).

The A/V feed will be available during the technical sessions[L1 ] starting on Wednesday.

Please pick the server that is closest to you.

Audio (Ogg/Vorbis, mono, 24kHz, 24kBit/s)

Video (MJPEG)

Users of tkchat who have the Img and speex extensions installed, will find the feeds preconfigured under the File->Video and File->Audio menues.

For a solution not involving tkchat, see A Tk viewer for MJPEG streams.

It is advisable to connect to the Tcl Chatroom while you are listening to the audio stream, so that you can give feedback to the speakers and talk to other Tcl'ers who attend the conference either personally or virtually.

Saving streams

You can grab for watching it later.




mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile conference.ogg


mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile video.mjpg

cut screenshots:

mplayer -vo jpeg video.mjpg