Tcl User Groups

Want to meet face to face with other Tcl'ers in your area? Here's a list of Tcl User Groups.

If you are a member of a Tcl User Group that is not yet listed here, feel free to add it.

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What are the goals of a User Group? What do we hope to achieve?

These are the goals I see for user groups in general that I believe would apply to a tcl user group as well.

  • Education; nobody knows everything, so people can learn from each other (or featured speakers).
  1. What is new (with Tcl/Tk/Expect).
  2. What are people doing (with Tcl/Tk/Expect).
  3. What have people learned (using Tcl/Tk/Expect).
  4. How can the topic (Tcl/Tk/Expect) help you?
  • Employment; networking might allow people to find jobs.
  • Drinking beer (Added by an unsigned user). Isn't that what Swig is for?
  • Drinking vodka. --ro
  • Drinking Whiskey (Or Bourbon if you prefer) Jeremy Miller


An electronic meeting mechanism is - check it out.