Tcl-URL! - 1998/11/09

by Mark Roseman - 'DejaNews:'' [L1 ]

This week highlights a number of Scriptics-related topics, and several software announcements.

  • John Ousterhout suggests that a volunteer effort could come up with a scheme for a smaller core, that Scriptics could later incorporate. Volunteers? (see [L2 ])
  • John also describes the current Scriptics roadmap for the new few versions of both Tcl/Tk and TclPro. (see [L3 ])
  • As a first step, TclPro 1.1 is now in beta, providing bug fixes and tweaks, and adding support for Linux and IRIX (see [L4 ])
  • Will Duquette posts his guide to success with Tcl 8.0 namespaces and packages.
  • The final release of TkDiff 3.0 is now available
  • Tom Poindexter releases the first beta of Sybtcl 3.0 (see [L5 ])
  • Clif Flynt releases a long-awaited update to his excellent TclTutor program
  • D.J. Hagberg explains how to use Tcl sockets over ssh (see [L6 ])