TclStock is yet another one of those stock ticker applets by Jason Tang. It reused much of the TclWeather codebase, hence the similarities in both design and appearance. It retrieves its stock quotes from NewsAlert[L1 ]. It doesn't have the fancy features needed to maintain a complete portfolio; it is intended to be a lightweight companion to TclWeather. The program was originally inspired by Tom Poindexter's TclTicker[L2 ], but was quickly branched off to utilize the ticker widget I wrote for TclWeather. Here are some screenshots.

  • Here is a picture of the main tclstock, as taken from WinNT 4.0. It wasn't such a great day on Wall Street when I took this picture:

  • This image shows the first configuration tab where one may change, among other things, the font and scroll speeds:

  • Colors are customizable on the second tab. Left-clicking a stock name will pop up a window showing additional details about that company. TclStock is meant to be OS independent, hence the ability for the user to choose his browser.

  • (Not shown) TclStock is also aware of proxy servers.

If your browser does not support PNG images you can get the JPG versions at

UPDATE TclStock was using for the stock information. Alas, it appears that the company either folded or was bought out by CBS MarketWatch. Either way TclStock no longer has a valid feed. If anybody really really wants to I will fix TclStock. Until then, I suppose that you could call the program abandonware.


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Mar 10, 2004 Mike Tuxford That's a shame to have lost the feed. For another very lightweight stock ticker, that still has its feed (yahoo) you can see stockwatch - Simple Stock Market Ticker It was put together rather fast and has no GUI config tools, so it needs direct editing of an array of options to change choices, but it does work properly and would be another source of seeing how someone else did it.