Tclkit DOK commands is a location where sample starkits dependent on tclkit are located. These samples demonstrate making documentation available in a single file that would be usable cross platform.

These "doks" rely on Tkhtml, for which builds have been included inside the starkit. This handles Windows, Linux, and Solaris for now.

If people want Tclkit to run on other platforms - say like MacOS or PalmOS, etc. then they are going to have to give up and actually start working on contributing time, talent, resources, energy, etc. to getting it done. (Sounds reasonable --Ro)

What would it take to get it running on PalmOs? PalmTcl is based on tcl 7.6. Having a Tclkit for the Palm would allow easy bundling of applications, which is something I want to try. -- escargo

01oct02 jcw - Tcl on Palm is *hard* (I've been wanting it since I have my Palm V!). Too small, too much stack limitation, too weird memory aspects, and more work to port Tk (assuming that too is needed). Mac Cody demo'd Toucan, but it's quite remote from having a full Tcl on the palm. Not to mention 8.4's VFS.

Can it be done? Probably - the previous tclkit design used an almost 100% pure tcl way to implement VFS, and there's "readkit" a read-only decoder for metakit datafiles, i.e. what underlies starkits.

But to be honest, I think it is not going to pay off - better focus on an ARM-type thing with plenty of mem (WinCE, ouch, or Zaurus etc). MetaKit has been ported to WinCE, so all the pieces are probably there by now to fully support starkits and starpacks on that platform. Apart from putting it all together and making sure things really work as advertised...

07nov02 jcw - First off, to follow up on that last item: WinCE is coming a lot closer, Metakit and Mk4tcl work, these were the main roadblocks to get Tclkit onto WinCE. It'll happen...

There is an up-to-date set of "dok-files" on the Starkit Distribution arrchive, at

Right now, these include BWidgets, MetaKit, Python, and Tcl/Tk. The user interface is rough, and could easily be improved with some keyboard shortcuts and beautified (any takers?), but it works despite all that - I use tcl84dok on a daily basis. It would also be quite easy to support more platforms, all it takes is unwrapping the starkit, adding a build of tkhtml, and wrapping it up again...


LV Note that dgHelpBrowser is an alternative to the DOK apps. It too is a starkit. One of the nice features it has is the ability for the user to change the size of the font.

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