The Tclers Wiki is gone from Google

05Aug03 - Brian Theado - I was trying to do a search on Google to search this wiki and it came back with empty results. Is the wiki purposefully being blocked from search engine spidering or is it something else? Even searching for "Tclers Wiki" doesn't return ( ).

[LV : 2005 Sep 30 - I checked today and searching for tclers wiki does return results... just not So technically, the title of this page is false. The wiki is found on google - just in a different manner than in the old days.]

29May04 - Brian Theado - Using '' instead of '' seems to fix the problems I mention below. I.e

Yes, this is the proper search pattern now. The domain has areas such as tclhist and tclrevs which are not indexed by Google, so turning off all indexing was the cleanest way - but is Google's friend! -jcw

RS: Also, the Wiki can search itself - I just use to search for whatever.

LV or use .

LES: But that will look for whatever in page titles. Use* to look for whatever in the pages' content.

LV or use* .

More recent, but similar: Tcl/Tk Wiki not found from Google anymore!