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I thought there could be an interest in some of the subjects, I find them relevant, and bwise can be found on them. See [L1 ].

11[L2 ] June 5 2003 France, pictures, and Jazz in the mid country .Gregory of Tour, presentia of a saint in mid france. Louvre in Paris: pictures and movies. French major strike a day after having left.The recharcheable quality amp does electrical guitar. Windows XP repair experience. Germany, Nürnberg: european tcl/tk conference visit. On a dutch beach. Traveling Salesman Mathematics. Amsterdam, some atmosphere in pictures.

Pictures from the conference.

10[L3 ] May 2 2003, 19:17; The war in Iraq; On a country road to mediocracy; Herman is dead; Web video A great piece of my own music after 'highway to hell' (AC/DC) including a video clip, also for low speed connections and real player.

9[L4 ] Mar 29 2003, 18:01; Email spam; Some past people; Deep Basses

8[L5 ] Mar 25 2003, 23:48 PM; Big new pictures, from Germany.

7[L6 ] Mar 21 2003, 10:45 AM; New pictures.

6[L7 ] Mar 14 2003, 16:14 PM; Working at a few things near simultaneous.

5 [L8 ] - Microprocessors, who needs them? - "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets". - Bringing my site up to date with current state of affairs. - Latest Bwise, again. (Tcl/Tk download, example screendump) - String simulator with more compatible MIDI, stereo real time sound, easier startup. - I thought I'd put on this banner to . - Live comments on CNN/BBC questioning of Blix.

4[L9 ] Feb 26 2003, 21:45 AM. The AD converter works! Are you being service timed ? We hold these truths to be self evident.

3[L10 ] Video, my own music, Pictures of jesuits, and more; Feb 18 2003, 10:15 AM, The catholic doctrine and its effect: gulf war powerlines, Interesting comparison of transient vatican web publications over few weeks. Will you join on the way to the Rainbow ? On my way to elevated electronics. Artwork The two babylons (the famous Hislop book online !). All that and pictures.

2[L11 ] The jesuits, are they relevant? Their websites dispelled, structure analyzed, Tue Jan 28 6:18 AM

1[L12 ] The first local diary page, Wed Jan 1 15:52:50 2003

     Some techno talk
     Ode to the fascists.

KBK 12 July 2003 - The community on this Wiki is usually fairly friendly about straying from the topic, but pages like this one make me a little uneasy. Ward's Wiki [L13 ] has had periods when its community has really been damaged by arguments about WikiSquatting [L14 ] - there is a huge web of pages linked from that URL. I don't want to see that kind of stuff going on over here. (Likewise, I'm uneasy that I'm starting that kind of flame war by posting this, and ask others to think twice before commenting further.) Don't take this too much to heart - irrelevant pages don't cost much, and I wouldn't even have noticed except that I'm a RecentChangesJunkie [L15 ].

12jul03 jcw - I agree. Let's do our best to keep this wiki focused on information and discussions centered around Tcl/Tk. For a personal diary such as this, have a look at public/free services such as Blogger [L16 ].

TV The subjects of the pages include direct and indirect references to tcl. Agreed some are my own opinions, I held them to be relevant to at least some of what I observe in software and tcl land, and on this wiki, so I maintain that I find, in the context of an interesting open site about tcl/tk, the references on an indeed single and small page, completely to the point an imo not realy straying from an important topic. Whether the wiki could be prefered to mainly be about technical issues and maybe conferences and such is an issue which I could only influence, of course. When some of the subtitles raise unease (which in itself sounds mild to me), that is because the pages are about serious subjects, which do have also to do with softwareland. Some things are bad, and the last thing I would want to see is that for instance the nazis would want to and achieve to rule more than is needed, and that is a serious subject. And just to be sure, that subject is NOT about this wiki, probably the reverse. And also it isn't brainless stuff, I mean, those pages intend to raise important subject in strong enough language because fascists are bad. And they did go for lots of power not so long ago.

I'm willing to easily remove this remark for the future, I just wanted to emphasize some things I perceive as important for a supposedly free western world, where at least good enough 'things' such as a freely avaliable, defined and powerfull programming language exist. The page itself I'd rather leave in place myself, but hey, I didn't make this wiki.

perhaps if it were more clear how the specific links relate to tcl/tk, the issue would be resolved? i see that several of the mar-may entries don't mention the relevance to the technical community.

Ro: To be honest Theo, you're somewhat of a fruitcake and you're starting to scare the natives.

AK: I do not believe that personal insults will help in the discussion.

[email protected]: I think that Bwise is very interesting looking. And maybe the natives NEED to be scared every now and then :-) ...

ARA It would make sense to put this page contents on Theo's homepage. This would be a compromise of sorts. This is the way it works on Ward's wiki: everyone can put whatever he/she wishes on his/her homepage. Don't know why this cannot be done here too.